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Tim Tebow Can Finish Off Broncos’ Improbable Run To Playoffs With A Win Over Kyle Orton And The Chiefs In Week 17

Tim Tebow Can Finish Off Broncos’ Improbable Run to Playoffs with a win over Kyle Orton and the Chiefs in Week 17

The Denver Broncos followed up their six-game winning streak with a two-game slide in which they’ve come back down to earth quickly.  Following consecutive blowout losses to New England and Buffalo, the Broncos found out they weren’t as close to being a contender as they had thought according to Champ Bailey. In Orchard Park last Saturday, Tim Tebow threw four interceptions against the Bills, two of which were returned for touchdowns, helping contribute to the Broncos having been outscored by a margin of 81-37 over the last two weeks.

It’s a shame the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Oakland Raiders last week or the matchup against the Broncos could have been ‘winner takes all’ in the AFC West. Interestingly enough (or ironically depending on your outlook), Tebow will face off against Kyle Orton, the guy whose job he stole earlier this season. Though the Chiefs have been officially eliminated, one has to believe Orton will be aiming to trip up the team who gave up on him earlier this season.

For the Broncos a postseason berth is on the line against their AFC West rivals. Can No.15 do the impossible and take the Broncos to the postseason?

Tim Tebow joined 102.3 The Ticket in Denver with Vic and Gary to discuss whether he at all questioned why only four passes were called during the first half of Denver’s loss to Buffalo this past Saturday, if this upcoming game against the Chiefs with a playoff berth on the line is the biggest so far in his football career, if there’s any extra desire to beat Kyle Orton more than other quarterbacks facing this type of situation,  being surprised that Kyle Orton went to the Kansas City Chiefs and if he’s willing to make any sort of guarantee about this upcoming game.

You attempted four passes in the game against the Bills. Did you question the play calling?

“I knew we had a game plan and we were really trying to stick with it and we were excited about it. We went down the first drive and got a touchdown and we weren’t able to convert on third downs after that. We were a little bit disappointed going into halftime, but we still had a positive outlook and we grouped up together at halftime and drove down at the beginning of the third quarter and scored. We got a little bit behind and forced some throws and kind of got us out of it, but the whole time we continued to believe in each other and our coaches. I just gotta play a little bit better.”

You played a lot of big games in college. When you look at this game coming up on Sunday against the Kansas Chiefs, is this the biggest game in your career so far?

“I don’t know about that. I think it’s a big game because it’s our next game. It’s a big game because we are playing at home in front of our great fans and we are excited about. It’s also a rivalry game against the Kansas City Chiefs. We are excited about that as well and it’s an opportunity to go play in the tournament and that’s something we’re excited about, but more than anything we have to have a great week of practice, be extremely focused and go out there and try to execute and just pick our game up a little bit.”

Here’s the deal: Vic and I are teammates on the radio, but if one of us left this station boy I would want to beat him! Try to follow me on this. Now let’s say if a former teammate of yours came to town [Kyle Orton], would you want to beat Kyle Orton more than any other quarterback right now?

“No. I am very competitive with whoever I am playing against and I want to win every time I’m on the field and every opportunity I get. I couldn’t say I would want to win more versus that guy than someone else.”

Did it surprise you that Kyle Orton went to Kansas City with the way everything went down?

“Honestly I didn’t really know what was going on with everything and with who claimed him and who didn’t. That wasn’t something I really paid attention to, but I’m happy he got an opportunity and he’s been doing well with it. I wish him nothing, but the best in his future. I know he is going to do a good job.”

Back in your college days you made a very famous public guarantee after losing an early game. Do you want to use this platform to guarantee anything for this game coming up?

“I think the only thing I can guarantee is that if y’all ever have to go head-to-head against each other – I don’t think they’ll be too much bad blood. I think you all would get along well.”

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