There’s More Soap Opera At Valley Ranch Than There Was At Ewing Ranch

Atlanta Falcons punter Michael Koenen (9) is unable to chase down Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton (84) as he returns a kick for a touchdown in the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2009, in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys won 37-21. (AP Photo/Donna McWilliam) ORG XMIT: CBS135

It never ceases to amaze me how the Dallas Cowboys find a way to keep themselves in the news.  Twelve months a year the Dallas Cowboys are to the news what flies are to dog poop.The latest drama involves wide receiver Patrick Crayton.  He recently was interviewed in the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram and basically said that with TO gone the Cowboys have no more excuses.  Columnist Randy Galloway basically told Crayton to stop talking in a follow-up article.  It didn’t end there with Michael Irvin and Randy Galloway torching Crayton on their radio shows on ESPN Dallas. After a few days of bashing Crayton, Galloway finally talked to Patrick Crayton on ESPN Radio Dallas last week.

On if Tony Romo and Jason Garrett are put in a better position for the upcoming year:

“I do, I do, I really do. Because regardless of who we have on this team, if the Cowboys thought a certain player would have been a nuisance, in order to further the development of this team and get us back to where we want to be, if they felt that was the loose end that needed to be cut that’s what they did for us to be successful.”

On if he believes Terrell Owens was a nuisance to Jason Garrett and to Tony Romo:

“No, I didn’t think he was a nuisance at all to anyone. But the competitive nature that he has is he wants the ball. Now, the way he goes about it is a little bit different and a little bit hard to handle for people sometimes. That is the way he is. That is Terrell. So, with the group of guys we have, we are going to be able to spread the ball around as a unit.”Crayton on his meeting with Jason Garrett, the Cowboys locker room, and the full interview after the jump.

What happened in the December meeting with Jason Garrett and the team’s receivers that became a major news story:

“We talked about…he (Garrett) asked me how I felt about the way the offense was, and my complaints, and my happiness about it. And that’s simply what it was. And that’s what we talked about. There was no yelling, there was no nagging, there was no bellyaching or whining about anything, it was a simple man to man talk. Period. And I appreciated him for asking me to come in there and do that because that let me know that he wanted input from his players. As a coach, every player wants to know that he is involved and that the coach values that players opinion.”

On if last year’s Cowboys locker room was a house divided:

“Honestly, no, it was not a house divided. We got along just fine in our locker room. But when you started hearing all these stories about how the locker room was divided, you’re gonna get chitter chatter and you’re gonna get talk. Period. It is the nature of humans, it’s just in us, you’re gonna talk. And sometimes we’re guilty, like women, we start listening to the gossipers and the newspapers and the TV and everything, and you talk. And you hate that side of the business, and it comes with it sometimes, it just comes out, but you’re gonna always have some talk. The thing that we have to do this year is eliminate anybody that’s not wearing a star on their helmet or a coach’s hat or has the Cowboys logo across their chest or on their head, that’s it. Anybody else has nothing to do with what’s going on at Valley Ranch and inside the new stadium”

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