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The Seahawks Look To Shock The World For The Second Week In A Row

Leading up to last weekend’s playoff game against the Saints, there were many people that felt Seattle didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs and they certainly didn’t deserve the right to host a home game in the first round. After all they were just 7-9 this year, won the weakest division in the NFL, and were very inconsistent throughout the year. However, the Seahawks shocked the world by taking out Drew Brees and the defending Super Bowl Champions in the first round. They head into this weekend’s game against the Chicago Bears as the underdogs once again despite having already beaten Chicago in the regular season. While Seattle won’t have the 12th man on their side this weekend, they have already proven good enough to knock off the Saints and Chicago would be foolish to take this team lightly. Lawyer Milloy joined WQAM in Miami on the Michael Irvin Show to talk about how nice it is to get respect this week after people counting them out last week, whether or not it was tough to listen to all the doubters, what it is that has made Pete Carroll so successful this season, and the play of Matt Hasselbeck.

On the love the team is getting after their upset win:

“It’s nice to get some love after all the stuff that we took the week going into that game. It’s starting to get fun around here.”

On proving all the naysayers wrong and how tough it was to listen to the doubters:

“That’s right. You still have to go through the battle and that’s the one thing that we proved last Saturday. I didn’t watch too much TV last week because I knew what was going to be said. I was more focused on getting our team ready, getting them ready to fight through adversity, and take advantage of the opportunity that has been handed to us. We aren’t proud of the way we got here but once we’re here, we’re showing that we’re focused and ready to go for the fight.”

What makes Pete Carroll so successful:

“I say you have to stay true to yourself. Yeah he keeps the atmosphere light, he enjoys football, he enjoys being around the fellas, and all the above. He’s the same way he was in New England and the same way you saw him at USC. I think the one difference is he’s come back with a formula with how to attain success. His own personal formula and it’s a very clear vision. It’s showing up in the 277 transactions. He’s competing to get us right not only for the future but for right now. Honestly as a player it was cloudy at times throughout the year but it’s starting to makes sense. It’s starting to make sense for him and Schneider and you’re starting to see everything unfold. Luckily for us it’s unfolding at the end. With all the transactions as a player you know you have to go in there and do your job or you’re out of there. That’s the difference from when he was the first time I met him until now.”

The play of Matt Hasselbeck:

“First of all like any team that’s going through injury situations, you’re trying to prepare a Charlie Whitehurst, you’re trying to open your arms and say hey we need you. We have a shot at the end to win a ball game to get in the tournament. He was up for that challenge. That’s the NFL. The NFL is a league of opportunity and Charlie went out there and did what it took to get us the divisional championship that led to a home game. Going into the Saints game, before Pete made the announcement for who the starting quarterback was going to be, Matt had to hear all the comparisons and all that. I saw something in him change just like I saw the team change over the last couple of weeks. I saw something change in his focus throughout last week. It was something I hadn’t seen all year for whatever reason. It showed up on Saturday. That’s the type of Matt we need. Something said hey look screw it I am Matt Hasselbeck, I’ve been with this team for a long time, I’m the leader of this team, I’m capable of making throws and leading the team as far as I want to lead them. That’s what we’re going to ride on the rest of the way.”

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