The Packers Injuring Kevin Kolb In The Season Opener Changed The Whole Season For The Eagles

The Packers Injuring Kevin Kolb In The Season Opener Changed The Whole Season For The Eagles
by Chris Fedor

The last time the Philadelphia Eagles played against the Green Bay Packers, their entire season changed. Kevin Kolb was getting the start at quarterback after taking over from Donovan McNabb, but a concussion forced him out of the game early and it led to the re-emergence of Michael Vick. Vick played like an MVP candidate for much of the season and re-established himself as one of the most dangerous players in the NFL. However, in the second last game of the regular season he got injured in the first half and wasn’t the same player for the rest of the game.

Heading into this weekend’s playoff game against the Packers, the number one question surrounding Philly is how healthy Michael Vick is. The Packers are explosive, they have a very good defense, they earned the final playoff spot, and they are one of the more dangerous six seeds in recent memory. If Michael Vick plays the way he did against Minnesota and is not 100 percent, the Eagles season will end the same way it started. With a loss against the Pack.
Andy Reid joined WIP in Philadelphia with Merrill Reese, Howard Eskin, and Ike Reese to talk about whether or not Stewart Bradley will be able to play this weekend, whether or not he thinks Michael Vick needs to play better for the Eagles to win this weekend, addresses the rumors about Vick maybe being pulled if he struggles, and previews the game against the Packers.

On Stewart Bradley:

“I’m gonna tell you what. He had a dislocated elbow and they popped the elbow back into place on the field and we’re walking off the field, he can barely hold his elbow, and he says ‘you know what? I’m gonna be back here in a couple of days.’ I’m going okay, just slow down man, slow down. He did the same thing with his knee. He is a ferocious competitor and he is a quick healer, but this was s significant injury. I’m optimistic, but I’m not as optimistic as he is that he will return this week. The other guys have played well. I know he wants to be out there but you have to let that thing heal up and make sure its right before you put him in that position.”

On whether or not Michael Vick has to play better for them to win:

“Listen I don’t think its just Michael, I think it’s all of us. The last couple of games we haven’t been as efficient as we need to be on the offensive side of the football. So we collectively, as coaches and players, in all three phases, we need to do a better job and that’s the approach I don’t expect anybody to do anything out of the ordinary other than execute the game plan. It doesn’t matter if it’s Michael or Marty Mornhinweg. We’re all in it together.

On the report that Vick may get pulled if he struggles in the game:

“The quarterback of the Eagles is Michael Vick and that’s the way we go about business. People say stuff all the time. I know how things escalate with the different networks and internet. The quarterback is Michael Vick and that’s the way were going with it.”

On the Packers:

“They’re a good football team and we’re a good football team. It will be a good football game.”

On the difference between the two teams in week one and now:

“I think both teams have overcome some injuries and maintained a good quality of football. That’s probably the biggest thing that’s taken place with both teams. There are different people in different positions on both sides of the ball, but still everybody is playing at a high level.”

On Clay Matthews:

“He is. He’s a potential defensive MVP in this league. He’s a top notch player. He plays outside linebacker and defensive end. We have a lot of respect for him.”

Jerricho Cotchery: “For me, it was just a nightmare. A nightmare in the daytime…”

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