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The Original Lt Lawrence Taylor I Dont Watch Football Id Rather Watch Two People

The Original LT (Lawrence Taylor): ‘I Don’t Watch Football, I’d Rather Watch Two People…’
July 20, 2009 – 7:00 am by Bunk
Wow. Lawrence Taylor is a great interview. I suppose I wouldn’t label him a lunatic, but I’d certainly say that he’s, um, eccentric, confident and probably not the best person in the world to upset. The Hall of Fame linebacker also happens to be an avid and accomplished golfer. He almost won the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament last year before falling apart on the final day. He returned to Lake Tahoe to participate in the star-studded event this weekend (he finished tied for 13th) and took timeout to speak with KLAC in Los Angeles about his experience participating in Dancing With The Stars (it detracted from his golf game), why he’d rather watch pornography than NFL football and how he has no intentions of spending much, if any, time around the game in the future.
On how his golf game was heading in to the event this weekend:
“You know, I started out very good. I played very well the first two days then the last day, I fell apart like the Unabomber. I blew up like the Unabomber. I tell you, last year, I came in to Tahoe about 35, 40 pounds heavier than I am now. You know, the altitude, all the walking, if I could take the cart to the green, I would. If I’ve got a 6 foot put, I’ll park the cart right beside that ball. No, but again, I’ve lost a lot of weight this year with Nutrisystem and Dancing With The Stars so I feel better, I can walk, so I can actually finish the course. To tell you the truth, I would be really disappointed if I didn’t finish in the top five this year.”
On his experience participating on Dancing With The Stars:
“Dancing With The Stars brings a lot of different people, I’ll tell you. Now, had I known what Dancing With The Stars actually consists of, I would have never done it because it’s a lot of work. You’re looking at six to eight hour days in terms of rehearsals and stuff. And that was not in the job description. And you know, really, after the first three weeks, I was looking to get off the show because my golf game was suffering. It was a lot of work. I’m happy for what it did for me as far as it got me in shape, it forced me to get in shape. I danced with a spectacular partner…and I met a lot of good people on that show. So the experience of meeting everybody and interacting – that was great.  Then you’ve got three assholes who want to criticize you. I’m like, I ain’t a professional dancer. I kill people for a living! I’m not a hitman, but you know…”
On if and how he plans to get involved or just give back to the game of football in the future:

“I don’t really mess with football anymore. That’s an era of my life that has passed. A lot of the guys will sit there and live football. Every Sunday they’re glued to the t.v. watching football. I don’t watch football. I’d rather watch two people fuck [ed. note: KLAC bleeped out LT’s profane word and replaced it with ‘have sex’]. Now look, I don’t really watch football. I am very appreciative of all the fan love and all the people that remember the things you have done. But that’s not what turns me on in the morning.”
Listen here to Taylor on KLAC in Los Angeles
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