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The Miller High Life Guy Is Back Again

The Miller High Life Guy Is Back Again

It is that time of year again for the wacky TV commercials during the Super Bowl.   There is always a lot of buzz the day after the game and last year it was mostly surrounding Miller High Life.  They surprised everyone with 1 second Super Bowl commercials and landed a big hit.  This year they have another great idea for the Miller High Life Super Bowl 2010 commercial.  Four small American shops were selected by MillerCoors and are will be featured in their Super Bowl commercials.  The stores include Bob Turner’s Bizarre Guitar & Drum, Dan Engelbrecht’s Del’s Barber Shop, Loretta Harrison’s Authentic Pralines and Tim Herron’s Baseball Card Shop.  What a great idea for them to let the small shops get some exposure.  After all Miller started off as a small brewery and grew into the gargantuan it is now.  I am not sure what will happen to a small barber shop after a nation-wide exposure during the Super Bowl but I guess time will tell. Wendell Middlebrooks joined 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis to talk about how he got the job as the Miller High Life guy, what his favorite joke has been so far, and how improv is related to the commercial.

How he got the job as the Miller High Life guy:

“Man I went into for a last minute audition. I had been out of school for about a year and a half.”

Where he went to school:

“I got my master’s at UC Irvine. I been knowing I wanted to do this for along time so I went in and they didn’t have me say nothing on the first audition. They wanted to see if I could move beer on the dolley. That was it. They were like: Can you move beer? Do you know what hard work is? You know that was the first thing and the first line they gave me the next side was: Step aside Mona Mi. Once I said it just like that, move dude I need to get my beer. Step aside Mona Mi and then after that they let us improv and play and Bam! We started with three commercials and now we have done fifteen.”

On people liking the commercials:“I get to say what many people want to say a lot of times. You see what I am saying? I get to say that so I feel like I am speaking up for a lot of folks.”What his favorite joke has been so far:“I think going into the VIP section. You know I live in L.A.? Everything is VIP. I was just telling them they have got VIP at the car wash. Who cares about the car wash? Wash this car so I can go home. I think that is the craziest one for me is just VIP for everything. You don’t even need it. Do you know what I mean? One car just likes the next…”On some marketing campaigns, like Miller High Life, getting it right:“I think what it is when you find that and understand what you are about. You know what I mean? I think we have captured the essence about what Miller High Life is about. I mean we are here at the Super Bowl and we are giving our seconds to small businesses this year because that is what it is all about. That is where Miller started so we want to give back. You know so it is the same difference?”How improv is related to the commercial:“It is your reaction to what is going on in the situation and so they let us play and we find it.”Wendell the famous Miller High Life Commercial guy sits down to talk to Dan Dakich and Eddie WhiteTags: beer commercial, drinking beer with the common folk, funny, Miller Brewing Company, Miller High Life, Miller High Like, Super Bowl ad campaign, Super Bowl XLIV, VIP rope, Wendell


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