The Jets Spoil Favre’s Return But Lose Darrelle Revis


The Jets Spoil Favre’s Return But Lose Darrelle Revis

All the Jets wanted to do was spoil Favre’s return to the Meadowlands, and even though it was sloppy victory, they did just that.  The Jets’ victory drops Minnesota to a 1-3 record and a half game ahead of the last-place 1-4 Lions, a far cry from the team that made it all the way to the NFC Championship game last season.  Although they were able to squeak out a victory, the Jets have now lost Darrelle Revis, yet again.  I’m not sure why the Jets let Revis play because they knew his hamstring wasn’t fully healed.  Otherwise Antonio Cromartie wouldn’t have covered Randy Moss the entire game.  Rex Ryan loves to place their best defender against their opponents’ best receiver, and Revis wasn’t quite that Monday night.  Percy Harvin burned him twice with two fourth-quarter touchdowns, with Revis pulling up ‘lame’ on the last one.  Is it just me or does Revis pull up lame on every play he gets burned?  One thing is for certain, the Jets must have Revis on the field if they want to win the Super Bowl this season, and Rex Ryan knows it.

Rex Ryan on ESPN Radio in New York to talk about whether there is anything that he feels the team needs to improve on, whether Darrelle Revis is going to be able to play this week, and whether he would agree if Darrelle Revis was in training camp that he wouldn’t be getting injured as often as he is.

Whether the team is on the right track with a 4-1 record:

“Absolutely, we’ve got the most wins in the league or tied for the most win sin the league, so, right on track.”

Whether there is anything that he feels the team needs to improve on:

“Certainly we gave up too many good plays against our defense and I think that obviously was poor.  We have got to do a better job, still on 3rd down we had the numbers in our favor and we gave up two big passes.  One on a 3rd and 19, and one on a 3rd and 17.  Once we get that straightened out we’re going to be just fine.”

Whether Darrelle Revis is going to be able to play this week:

“We definitely hope so but at this time I have really no idea.  We will see how he is tomorrow, see how he feels but right now I have no idea.”

Whether it would make sense to sit him this week considering they have a bye week after this week and he would have almost 3 weeks rest:

“Well I mean if he is healthy and ready to go and we need to win games.  Obviously if Darrelle can go we need him out there, just like we need everybody else.  If he is ready to play than that’s what we need to do.  What is in the best interest of the team?  What’s in the best interest of the individual?  But clearly if he is not healthy than obviously he wont be making the trip.”

Whether he would agree if Darrelle Revis was in training camp that he wouldn’t be getting injured as often as he is:

“Well I think it is easy to say right now that it definitely would not be happening, but again, things happen in this league, strange things, and you look at, unfortunately Kris Jenkins.  I mean the guy did everything that we asked in the offseason through training camp and everything else then after 5 minutes into the first game of the season he is lost for the year.  Unfortunately that is part of a business.  Normally in a situation like this, and a muscle pull, and things like that, you are in better shape coming out of training camp than obviously if you’re just working out on your own.”

Whether he has to sift through some lies from injured players knowing that they would like to get out and play:

“Well the first thing you do is rely on your medical team, and when your trainers and your doctors and things like that, will tell you about a player.  Because you are right, a lot of times a player will tell you, ‘Yeah I’m ready to go’ and all that.  Without the medical advice then clearly if they don’t think a young man can play or perform at a certain level than they aren’t going to put them out there.  That is what you trust here.  I never really noticed Darrelle until, like you saw the video of him struggling like on the touchdown pass to Percy Harvin and in a completion we gave up to Lewis late in the game.  In fact, I was trying to push him into playing a different role for us because I wanted the match, our best on their best.  So that is how I felt about it.  Then after the game there was some swelling in his leg and he was sore.  We’ll see how he comes out of it and hopefully he will be ready to roll.”

Whether he was disappointed about all of the field goals they had to settle for because they couldn’t come through in the red zone:

“Clearly that is the thing we’ve got to get better at offensively is, we have to get to do a better job on 3rd down and also scoring in the red zone.  We had a lot of trips down inside but we couldn’t punch it across and that is something that we talk about and really we just have to do a much better job of.  I was really proud of the way that Nick Folk kicked.  He made that 53-yard field goal into a driving rain and everything else and he has been a great pick up and its great the fact that he can make 5 of 5 field goals but usually it always comes down to the end, if you cant punch it across you give an opponent a lot of opportunities a lot of times you would lose those type of games.”

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