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The Giants Look To Reclaim The NFC East Crown

The Giants Look To Reclaim the NFC East Crown

The New York Giants are hoping for big changes in this year’s squad after falling flat on their face at the end of last season.  They finished with a miserable 8-8 record but by the way fans have reacted you would think they lost every game.  I guess when you are two years removed from a Super Bowl victory fans’ minds get warped and begin to think they should win the Super Bowl every year.  In my opinion, the Giants did a great job managing to pull off a .500 record despite a ridiculous amount of injuries.

No position group was free of banged-up starters, and it’s amazing that they were able to win as many games as they did given those circumstances.  With their running game back on track and their defense fully loaded, this is going to be the top team in the brutally close NFC East.Eli Manning joined ESPN Radio in New York to talk about how much he is looking forward to opening the season and how prepared he thinks the Giants are, whether he thinks the offensive line will be able to protect him and make holes for the running game when they are banged up like they are now, and how good this year’s team can be.

How much he is looking forward to opening the season and how prepared he thinks the Giants are:

“I think everyone is looking forward to it.  The preseason and training camp is always a long deal and you are just ready to go out there and have and… really just get back into our routine.  You know what days you are practicing, you know when your game is going to be, and you are doing a full preparation and get to go out there and play a full game and everything is for real.  These are the ones that count and we are looking forward to getting into action and getting the start of the season and we are definitely ready to go.”

Whether the team looks at the season opener as a way of redemption for getting blown out in the last game at Giants Stadium:

“You know I think it is really just a new season and we are looking forward to this game and we didn’t play well last year and they came and played well and did their job.  Really it is a time for us to open up the new stadium on a good note and go out there and play the best football we can and we are going to be ready for a team we played a pretty good bit these last couple of years.  They are good defensively.  They have got good players and they have got a good scheme

Whether he thinks the offensive line will be able to protect him and make holes for the running game when they are banged up like they are now:

“Yeah I think the offensive line is going to be fine.  I think Shaun is maybe the only one that I think is somewhat questionable but he practiced some on Monday and he is a guy who does want to be out there.  I don’t know what his official status is for this whole week.  I know that he will be practicing sometime this week and he is a guy who knows what he is doing and he knows what to do.  Coach has been there a lot through the preseason and he has done a lot in getting him ready.  If Richie Seubert has got to play center then he can do that.  We have got guys moving them around so anything that kind of happens these guys have been practicing in a bunch of spots so whoever is in there, so hopefully we are going to have the guys that we have had here for these past five years and if they are in there they know what they are doing and they will do a great job.”

Whether he can lobby for Brandon Jacobs to get the ball more after Ahmad Bradshaw was named the starter or if that is out of his hands:

“I don’t think that I can worry about it.  I try to keep those guys healthy and keep them happy.  Ahmad is probably going to get the start and he is going to get some carries.  The way that we have done it we always rotate a lot of backs in.  We have used three on the past.  I don’t know if we will do three or just two so Brandon is going to have to get a lot of carries.  Once you get a full game, because in preseason it is hard, you want to keep both of them in with the first group and once you have a full game, four quarters, Brandon knows he is going to get a good bit of carries and that he is going to have to make plays for us and he is a big part of our success this year.  Hopefully he knows that and when he is in there he is going to have to play well and I have a feeling he will and it will be a good year for him.”

How good this year’s team can be:

“Well, we have talent and we have the right players in the right positions to have a great year.  It is just a matter of staying healthy, guys just keeping the right focus and the right mindset and just being committed to having a great season so I am looking forward to it.  I am excited.  There is not a spot I am worried about or saying, ‘Hey, I am worried about this or we need to work on these guys.’  Our young receivers have gotten better and smarter and they are doing a lot of good things and we should be better at the tight end position getting Travis Becker back healthy and getting him knowing with what is going on.  Kevin Boss is going to be good and our offensive line has worked hard this offseason to get back so hopefully they can stay healthy.  I am looking forward, our defense should be better so this should be a fun year and we are all looking forward to getting it started on Sunday afternoon.”

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