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Donald Trump On Miss USA Pageant: ‘..the heels got higher and the bathing suits got smaller’

Are you in the mood to hear one of the world’s most shameless self-promoters? How about in the mood to envision what the man with the worlds worst hairdo sounds like over the radio? Or maybe you’re just curious if Celebrity Apprentice was renewed on NBC after its recent season finale?If you answered yes to any of the above then read on – The Donald’s got you covered in one way or another. Trump joined WFAN in New York on Wednesday to talk about himself, himself some more, his world-class golf course in New Jersey, Celebrity Apprentice, the Miss America and Miss Universe Pageants, and other random subjects related to him and his greatness.

On the controversial statements of Miss California recently in his Miss USA pageant, and how they were good for business:

“Somebody said it was terrible you put the judge Perez Hilton in there and I said why was that terrible? It’s the biggest story in the world – it became this monster story. Now, I have to tell you: she made the statement that she believes a man should marry a woman. Now that statement’s been made 72% of the time. In fact, in California we saw that the voters just voted in favor of that. So that’s not something that’s a unique statement. So I’m on various shows and they’re asking me why’s that so controversial and I said for one simple reason – she’s so beautiful you wouldn’t believe it. Now, if she were good looking or average looking, if she were Boomer [Esiason], if she were Trump – nobody would care. But because she’s so beautiful, David Letterman played her response about three or four times. So you know it became the biggest story and it was wild.”

On the success of his two pageants Miss USA and Miss Universe:

“When I bought the pageants – Miss USA and Miss Universe – six years ago, they were sick puppies. They were not doing well. The big pageant was the Miss America pageant. And now Miss America is off the air and my pageants are the most successful in the world. There are no pageants like it. They get the best ratings, we by far have the most beautiful girls which is ultimately very important. I should tell you this – somebody once said how did your pageants become so successful? I said because the heels got higher and the bathing suits got smaller. Before I bought it they used to spend millions of dollars on the sets – like in Louisiana they built a steamboat on the set. I got rid of that. I have a curtain and I have beautiful women and that’s what sells it. So we do phenomenally, the ratings are great. We just got renewed by NBC for another three years and it’s been really great. But when I bought them they were sick puppies and now Miss America is not on the air anymore – I guess it’s on a small cable channel.”

On whether or not there’s anything out there that The Donald owns without his name on it:

“I don’t like things without my name on it. Usually I’ll only buy something or build something if it’s good enough that I can put my name on it. Now, I do have things without my name on them but I don’t know, I don’t get the same enjoyment out of it.”

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