The Atlanta Falcons Add Another Piece to the Puzzle

The Atlanta Falcons Add Another Piece to the Puzzle

Only a few years removed from the Michael Vick saga, the Atlanta Falcons are back to winning ball games.  In fact, the last two seasons were their first back-to-back winning seasons in franchise history and they hope that this just the beginning of great things to come.  Ever since the Falcons hired Thomas Dimitroff as their GM and Mike Smith as their Head Coach, the atmosphere around the franchise has changed and free agents actually want to come to Atlanta.  When the free agent period started last Friday, the Falcons had their sights set on Dunta Robinson, a six-year veteran who has spent his entire NFL tenure with the Houston Texans, and he had his sights on them.  Robinson grew up a Falcons fan as he is a native of Athens, GA, and he played his college ball at the University of South Carolina after the University of Georgia passed on him.  Robinson is excited to be home and playing for the hometown team and Falcons Nation cant wait to see what he brings to the team. Dunta Robinson joined 790 The Zone in Atlanta to talk about how excited he is about being playing for the Atlanta Falcons, what other teams were in the mix for him, and what Falcons fans can expect of him and his game.

How excited he is about being playing for the Atlanta Falcons:

“I am very excited especially to be able to come home and play.  I am not from Atlanta, GA but I am from right down the road in Athens, GA.  It is great to come back home and be able to play football for the home state.”

Whether he is back to normal and whether the Falcons are going to get the player from last season:

“Oh no doubt.  I am fully healthy.  I still feel great.  I didn’t have a training camp last season going into the season.  I missed all of the OTA’s.  I missed a lot of important things that help you lay that foundation in order to go through the season.  As the season started, I started out kind of slow.  Once I got back into my groove towards the middle of the season and I took it down the stretch I felt like I was the player that I was before my injury and I definitely feel that way now.  I was playing at such a high level before I was injured that I knew what kind of work I had to do in order to get back to that level.  I worked as hard as I possibly can and I am going to continue to work hard in order to become a great corner in the National Football League.”

Whether there was other teams in the mix:

“Well actually my agent rang off a few teams and I think Atlanta was the third team that he rang out of about five that he ran across and I told him to stop right there at Atlanta.  I said that if Atlanta wants me in with the things that they are trying to do with the free agent moves they have made in the past years, I know that this is a team that wants to win.  If I could go home and play for the hometown team and get that opportunity, I definitely would love to make that happen.  There were a few teams in the mix but this was definitely my first option.”

What he was doing that night when the free agency period started:

“I was prepared to pack my bags that morning and get up and go at whatever time any team needs me to come in.  I remember sitting there, twelve o’clock came and my phone hadn’t rang.  came and every few minutes I turned the ringer up as loud as I could.  Every few minutes I am looking down at my phone like, man why isn’t my phone ringing?  It was like being drafted all over again.  Then at about , between  and 12:20 my phone rang and it was my agent and he was like, OK here is the deal.  This team wants you to come in, this team wants you to come in, the Atlanta Falcons want you to come in.  Stop right there.  I don’t care who else you are about to name.  This is a team, this is an organization that wants to win.  They are doing everything that they can to win football games.  I definitely would love to take that visit and hopefully not take any more visits after that and it all worked out.”

What it is like to get “wined and dined” by Arthur Blank:

“When I went to the airport, we went to the airport that I  go to in Houston, Texas, but we didn’t go through the regular entrance.  I was like, ok where are we going?  They were like, no no. ..So I am telling the limo driver that you are supposed to go this way and he was like, we are going to the private landing strip.  I didn’t even know that this airport had a private landing strip.  We get there and this big, private jet is waiting with Arthur Blank’s private jet and it was like, wow!  I was sold from that point on.  For somebody to lay it all out there like he did, I knew that they wanted me here and I knew that if somebody wanted me that definitely wanted to be a part of that organization.  Wow is he a great salesman!”

What Falcons fans can expect of him and his game:

“They can expect a guy that can run around and can play anywhere in the secondary.  I’ve played right corner, I’ve played left corner, I’ve moved inside, I have played nickel.  They can expect something that they normally don’tget from corners in the NFL and that is a guy that is going to bring a lot of big hits, a guy that plays with a lot of passion.  I leave my heart out on the field.  Similar to the way that David Pollack played.  I leave my heart on the field when I play football and I think that is the only way to play.  If you don’t play that way you are defeating the game.  I love this game very much so they can expect a guy to give 100% every single Sunday.”

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