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Terrell Suggs: 49ers Had Everything ‘Catered’ for Them at Super Bowl XLVII; I Have No Idea What Deer Antler Spray Is

Terrell Suggs fought through a ton of adversity this past season. He partially tore his Achilles tendon last offseason and missed the first seven games of the season rehabbing. Then in Week 13, the Ravens linebacker suffered a torn biceps, but he missed only one game before returning for Baltimore’s playoff run. Suggs was clearly never 100 percent, but now he’s a Super Bowl Champion looking to fill the linebacker leadership role that Ray Lewis will leave behind. Terrell Suggs joined WFAN in New York with Boomer & Carton to discuss the chances of himself not playing after suffering the Achilles tendon tear, when he hurt his Achilles tendon, never being 100 percent throughout the whole year, John Harbaugh going crazy when the lights went out during the Super Bowl, Joe Flacco deserving to get paid and the use of deer antler spray.

Was there ever a chance the doctor said you weren’t going to play this season with the Achilles tendon and bicep injuries?

“Yeah. [Carton: What did you say to that doctor?] I don’t know, it was kind of like the loudest noise I’ve ever heard in my life. I was just like, ‘No, I can’t not play.’”

So when did you hurt your Achilles tendon? Working out or playing basketball?

“Working out.”

Was it harder than you thought to come back from the Achilles injury?
“Yeah it was, because even when I was able to run and able to suit up, I still was never 100 percent throughout the whole year. I’m pretty much out there just trying to keep up or not cost my team a game.”

Could you believe how crazy John Harbaugh was when the lights went out during the Super Bowl?

“I could believe it because you all weren’t there the whole week. Like, we were treated like this was just another 49ers Super Bowl quest and we was just the victims of it. [Boomer: You gotta realize on the other side, the 49ers were hearing all about Ray Lewis’ last swan song]. If you look, at considering everything, everything was kind of catered for the 49ers, even with the hotels where the families stayed and the facilities they had. We was just like, really? Everybody felt bad after the first practice. Our bodies felt terrible [after being on the Tulane baseball field], so it was the whole week. I think Coach Harbaugh was like, ‘I’ve had enough of it. We’re the visiting team and we’ve done everything the NFL said.’ He stuck up for us and said we are not turning over.”

Do you think Joe Flacco deserves to get paid?

“I believe so. They need all them Brink’s trucks. I think he deserves it. Anytime you are as young as you are and it don’t take you 8-9 years to even go to the playoffs. He’s been in the playoffs every year.”

Do you know anything about this deer antler spray?

“I have no idea about that. Let me go on the record: I have no idea what that stuff does.”

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