Terrell Owens Is Probably Another Month Or So Away From His Return, Wants To Play Another 2-3 Years In The NFL

Love him or hate him, get your popcorn ready because it’s going to be a show. Television show that is. The T.O. Show is back at it again with Mo, Kita and America’s most controversial receiver on August 22nd on VH1. The man who made the saying ‘I love me some me,’ contends that the new season of the T.O. Show will be exciting and will reveal some shocking revelations about the end of last year in Cincinnati for number eighty-one. Will we finally get a glimpse of what caused Owen’s knee injury in the off-season that’s been kept a secret? I highly doubt it. Terrell Owens joined Fox Sports Radio with The Loose Cannons to discuss the current news with his television show on VH1, the general public knowing him more for his television show or his NFL playing career, the status of his ACL rehabilitation and what teams are inquiring about his services and initially thinking about retiring due to the grueling rehab process for his injured ACL.

How’s the television show going with Mo and Kita?

“Well Mo and Kita are just being themselves. Mo and Kita. The show has done well. We pretty much have completed season three. It airs next Monday, August 22nd on VH1, so the show is going to be exciting. It’s going to be full of surprises. There’s going to be a lot of ups-and-downs and probably a lot of shocking revelations to a lot of things I have had going on since the end of the year last year in Cincinnati.”

How many people recognize you from the show now more so then your football career?

“I think a lot so more now than I had anticipated. Obviously I had a great fan base with the football audience. Like I said I created a fan base for myself with the reality and the TV audience. I think it is interesting the fact that when you have someone like myself and I think if you look at the TV audience with that fan base a lot of these people want to know what is going on in the lives of a lot of their favorite actresses, musicians, athletes, celebrities and what have you, so VH1 has definitely given me the avenue and the option to get inside my life. There are some personal things that go on. I think it opens a lot of peoples eyes to the fact that we may be celebrities , but we go through the same, normal, every day hardships they may go through.”

What is the latest with your ACL rehabilitation? What is the latest with teams wanting your services?

“Well I think once I get to the point where I am comfortable with where I am in the rehab process…By no means I don’t think I ever will be you know at this point by the end of the season 100%, but if I am 81% better…I feel like that is better than some guys at 100%. I definitely know my body. From what the doctors are telling me and the rehabilitation program and regiment I am on, now they are telling me I am well ahead of schedule, so right now I am really not concerned about if there any teams interested at this moment because even if they were I still won’t be able to get on the field and do what I need to do. I am probably another month or so out from what I need to do out on the football field and actually be productive. Rehab is going well. I am just leaving rehab right now. Every day it has gotten better and every week it has gotten better.”

We heard at one point you said you might retire because of the rehabilitation for this injury. Is the rehab as mentally tough as it is physically for a 37-year old professional athlete? You’ve had a lot of injuries?

“Well I think honestly you have to be honest with yourself number one and I think realistically when you look at someone who is not in my type of shape then you have to think about possibly having that tear of the ACL at 37 [years of age] could definitely be a career ending injury. For someone like myself I’ve always been a realist. I’ve always been honest with everybody and myself. Those are some of things you do have to factor in. Again it is one of those things you never really want to think about. Honestly, you know it is enviable at some point. Football is not going to last forever. Again I have to weigh those options and obviously listen to my doctors and really them telling me okay well these are your options. You have to do your rehab. Realistically it’s a 6,8,9 month rehab process and sometimes you know there are set backs. You may not be able to bounce back from that, so mentally you have to prepare your mind for that. That’s what I’ve done, but at the same time I still have that itch to play. I still feel I can play two or three more years. Again I am preparing and I am rehabbing to get myself back on the field this year.”

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