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Terrell Owens: “Donovan and I, We’re Cool”: “Donovan and I, We’re Cool”

Terrell Owens: “Donovan and I, We’re Cool”

Drew Rosenhaus looked like a petty, attention hog with little relevant to say in attempting to defend his client Terrell Owens. “No comment” was his incessant comment at an impromptu press conference that he called. And still, Owens would be better off letting others speak on his behalf. I don’t think it’s that Owens always means what he says, I just don’t think he has a clue what he is saying. But he still loves to talk and he also loves the attention.For example, as a free agent looking for a team, Owens tries to explain that he is still a good player and not regressing despite his numerous drops because he always drops a lot of passes. Is that supposed to help? He speaks out about not getting a deal because of his age, yet admits that he is not looking for a long-term deal because he knows he does not have many years left to play. And that’s all just in this one interview – he’s been contradicting himself and consistently finding a way to hurt his cause for over a decade.Terrell Owens joined Stephen A. Smith on FoxSports Radio to talk about potentially playing with Donovan McNabb in Washington, looking for a team, his game, his ideal deal, and his show.

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On if he would be interested in playing with Donovan McNabb:

“I’ll say this and go on record and say it, if that is the case for me to go to Washington and for Donovan McNabb and we were to reunite, there would be some unfinished business. I mean going to the Super Bowl and winning it. If you look at the way the Washington Redskin(s) played toward the end of the season, they started to jell together and have that chemistry together and they played in a lot of close games… They have the nucleus of guys to make that push. Obviously, they made a quarterback change. I’m looking at their receiving corp and I feel like they need a receiver. I’m sure they are going to go through the draft and assess the situation and make some moves after that. I would not be opposed to going to Washington and playing with Donovan. Donovan and I have made amends… Donovan and I, we’re cool.”

On why he hasn’t found a home in the NFL yet:

“Probably because they are using my age as an issue, which I understand in this business. When I was younger and as I started to get older, I started to see that trend that, as you get older, you get in your 30s, they feel like you can’t play. Of course, if you look at my numbers from last year, there are number of things that factored into the reason why my numbers were the way they were.”

On if he thinks he is the player he used to be:

“If you look at the drops that I had last year vs. years past, I’ve always dropped balls. That’s not an issue. (Editor’s note: Uh, yes it is.) Again, if you look at the drops that I had in Dallas, that was because I had a broken hand and played with a torn tendon in my finger. The coaches knew that. The owner knew that. But I’m not one of those guys that’s going to go to the coach and complain why I drop balls. That’s just part of it. I had ten dropped balls this year. That’s it. That’s not the most in the league…. I know why I drop balls. They can say what they want to say. I know I can play the game. Of course, I can be that receiver. Putting me in the right situation, putting the right people around me and me being on the right team, trust me, I can be as effective as anyone wants me. I’m getting older, but I’m getting faster.”

On what he is looking for in a deal:

“At this point, it’s not a specific deal that I am looking for. Of course, my agent is going to handle the contractual part of it. But as far as I am concerned, it could be a one or two year deal. I am not looking for a specific number of years as to play because I know my window as far as playing is very limited. Personally, I feel like I could play for at least three more years. I would like to go to a team where I know they are going to be a contender, where I know they are going to have a good quarterback and where I know I can be effective. If I can get in a situation where those things are viable, then I’ll be happy. The thing is that I want to win a championship, I want to be able to contribute to winning a championship and I know I have the ability to contribute to a team to winning a championship.”

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