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Susan Finkelstein What Would You Do For A World Series Ticket


Susan Finkelstein: What would you do for a World Series Ticket?
November 2, 2009 – 11:33 am by Zach Krantz

Something I was taught growing up in South Florida was to be a fanatic sports fan, we had the Dolphins, Hurricanes Football and my parents were New Yorkers, so Yankees, Giants and Knicks as well in my house.  My cousins (all New Yorkers also) all told me to watch out for the crazy Philly fans and how dedicated to their home town teams, Phillies, 76ers, Flyers and Eagles, they were. I guess you have heard all the stories people had to tell about those fans.  Well I finally found a lady who wouldn’t stop for anything to score some tickets to see her beloved Phillies in the World Series against the Yankees. 

(Editor’s note:  I asked Scott Kaplan who hosts the show how they set up the the inteview with Susan Finkelstein and he said through Facebook.  I’ve also seen her interviewed a few other places on Monday morning.)
Susan Finkelstein, the fanatic Phillies fan accused of offering sex for World Series tickets, was just trying to score seats so she and her husband could go to a game.  Investigators say Finkelstein posted an ad on the classifieds Web site Craigslist that stated she was a die-hard Phillies fan and “buxom blonde” who was willing to get “creative” when it came down to payment.  An undercover officer responded to the ad and claims he met with the 43-year-old woman at a bar and she offered to perform various sex acts in exchange for tickets.  The officer explained he only had one ticket, but said his brother may have a second, Finkelstein “offered to take care of them both”.   The accusations were denied by Finkelstein.  It’s amazing what a couple of upper deck seats to the World Series will get you these days.  It’s illegal to scalp tickets where I am from, is that considered scalping? 
Susan Finkelstein joined XX 1090 in San Diego to talk about the entire story about her trading whatever for tickets to the World Series.
Asked about the post she put on CraigsList:
“The post on Craigslist was actually on the general, G-Rated for sale wanted section, it wasn’t in the casual encounters or shemales or any other kinky section.  So I was actually competing with people who were trying to sell sofa beds and washer and dryers and stuff.  I do writing for a living, so I wanted the ad to be funny, witty and stand out.  It was actually up on Craigslist two days ago until I g was given a notice that it was taken down because it was inappropriate.  Like a week after all this happens.  The exact wording was “desperate Phillies fan in need of tickets, buxom blonde, price negotiable.  I am creative, call me and maybe we can help each other”.  I mean it’s flirtatious, but definitely not illegal.”
Asked about the encounter she had with the police officer who said he had the tickets for her:
“Part of me thinks they were looking for tickets themselves and they came across this add.  It wasn’t the section where you would be looking for like predators.  He emails me; we are having an exchange of four or five emails back and forth.  He lives about 40 miles away from me from what he said, and since the World Series was approaching I wanted to get the tickets in hand.  So I said why don’t we meet halfway, I wanted to meet at a public place.  He suggested a bar/restaurant in a suburban mall next to like a multiplex cinema. He said he would be wearing a Penn State jacket, I should have known right away.  We met at the bar, he ordered a salad, and we were talking about our dogs. (Kaplan: So this wasn’t like immediate where he thought he was going to get down with you immediately, I mean I get right to the point, I got the ticket, you got the body, let’s do this!) That wasn’t necessarily what I had gone there for.  I basically wanted to get cheaper tickets by flirting with this guy.  I have no problem flirting, it’s all part of the bargaining process.  Actually he was the one that brought this topic up which made the conversation make a sexual turn. He said his brother would kill him, he can’t sell the other ticket, I said I need two tickets because I want to take my husband.  He said let me call my brother and see what I can do, he then supposedly called his brother.  Before I know it, there are four guys at table right behind us all drinking beers too.  They all come over and tell me I am under arrest and cuff me in front of the entire restaurant, they bought me a beer but they wouldn’t let me finish it.”
Listen to Susan Finkelstein with Scott and Billy Ray on XX 1090 in San Diego

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