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Super Bowl Radio Musings, A Fight On Radio Row And Random Notes

They always parade hotties around radio row.  Hooters national bikini girls, (not the annoying semi-chunkers they have at most Hooters).  Miss America was here yesterday, beautiful but too wholesome (or at least the front she was putting up was).  Stacy Keibler and her 42 inch legs came by on Friday, but the hottest girl by far was Dominique Dawes.

My goodness is she beautiful and nice too.  Almost bothers me that she’s so nice.  She’s working for Yahoo and she looks like Jada Pinkett, but much prettier with a sick body.  Ok, I sound like a stalker, but I swear I’m not.  But I did get caught staring a few times at her.  I’ve scanned the internet and pictures just don’t do her justice. Maybe she’s not photogenic, but in person, yummy.  Not going to post a pic of her because you’ll think I’m insane, but trust me everyone at radio row was in awe of her.

A few other notes:

The sports apocalypse happened Thursday night.  Was in hotel bar lobby where Jerry Rice was having a few beverages and when he walks by a woman says “That’s the guy from “Dancing with the Stars”.  I can’t believe that the greatest wide receiver ever and arguably the greatest NFL player ever is synonymous with dancing and not in the end zone!

Played blackjack at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino with three Pittsburgh Steelers on Wednesday night.  Two offensive lineman and a safety, and they were absolutely awful blackjack players.  Hitting on 14 against the dealer’s 6, sticking on 13 with the dealer showing a nine.  Just moronic playing and me and the other non-Steeler at the table were cautiously and politely trying to tell them they were just crushing the table with their playing. By the way, their curfew was 1 am.

There was a fight on radio row.  My eleventh radio row and first fight I’ve ever seen.  The fight was between KTCK’s (Dallas) Gordon Keith and Nasty Nestor Aparicio of WNST in Baltimore.  I’ve linked to a story that apparently is one-sided and has video that is hard to tell what really happened.  I only saw the tail end of it and the cops everywhere.  I spoke to Nestor directly and he said he didn’t strangle Gordon like the story says.  Told me that Gordon Keith has been “close talking” him and sticking a microphone in his face for 10 years straight trying to get him to say something. Gordon is a funny dude and has been walking around radio row with a wireless microphone and commenting on the scene for years.  I guess they’ve been making fun of Nestor for years and were trying to goad him into an argument.  Nestor said after four times today, he pushed Gordon away and he backed down like a “bitch”.  Something tells me the truth is somewhere in between.

Met Ryan Howard and fully expected him to be fat like Babe Ruth.  Not even a little.  Actually pretty yoked.  Must just wear his uniform real baggy.Jonathan Ogden is the largest man ever.  I take that back, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard is.  He’s 7’1″ and about 400 pounds. The Fabulous Sports Babe is back (although not for long I hear) as she’s back on the third and lowest rated sports station in Tampa.  She’s neither fabulous nor a babe.Matthew Stafford has the biggest hands I’ve seen since Julius Erving.  Looks like he’s 14.Matthew Berry must wear a ton of makeup on TV.  Let’s just say he has a “face for radio”.I can count on my hands and toes the number of Cardinals fans I’ve seen all weekend.  And I’m missing one toe.

The scourge of the earth are autograph leeches.  I hate 99% of them.  They wait outside the Tampa Convention Center just trying to get autographs from everyone.  And then if the former or current athlete doesn’t sign, the autograph hounds berate them.  And none of these people are kids.Dick Stockton has more hair dye in than any man I’ve ever seen.  Shame because he’s such a nice man, but I can’t let him get away with that.  Plus his wife, Lesley Visser has hit the botox window a few thousand times and was wearing a fake ponytail with a few braids in it.  She’s even nicer than him.  I take no pleasure in writing this.

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