Stuff I Would Forward On To My Buddies 3/11/09 Edition

Stuff I Would Forward On To My Buddies  Edition

  • I just love a good athlete/celebrity wedding registry.  Star Jones had the best one of all time (Deadspin)
  •  Culture Tournament (The Big Lead)
  • Reminds me of the documentary “Crazy Love” (Pro Football Talk)
  • Treating athletes like children (ESPN)
  • Top 20 worst masked wrestling gimmicks (Extra Mustard)
  • Dwight Freeny on Dr. Phil to talk about golddiggers (SportsByBrooks)
  • It was only a matter of time.  Bob Knight swears on air.  (Fanhouse)
  • Great story about sleazy AAU coaches.  David Falk also referred to situations like this. (Yahoo Sports)
  • Why can’t Jim Fassel get a job in the NFL (Game On)
  • Is Pacman finally getting it? (Fox Sports)
  • This is what I call product placement (With Leather)

Turned on Screen Silver Macbook Air on Wooden Desk

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