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Steve Spurrier Not Recruiting Penn State Players


Steve Spurrier on recruiting PSU Transfers: “I haven’t called anybody. No, we would just not start recruiting those guys.”
July 25, 2012 – 7:50 am by Steven Cuce
With the punishments coming down on Penn State earlier this week, the college football recruiting world may become a feeding frenzy with the potential of acquiring players that won’t be penalized for leaving Happy Valley. The SEC is one conference in particular that is only getting stronger and each team could benefit from adding another talented recruit that is looking to win a national title this season.
South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is not looking to loot the Penn State program for transfers that could help his team at this point. He made that point clear to ESPN Radio.

Steve Spurrier joined ESPN Radio with Colin Cowherd on The Herd to discuss the SEC being too tough this season, the SEC being the best conference it has ever been from top-to-bottom, not actively recruiting Penn State transfers, NCAA overstepping its bounds in punishing Penn State and Penn State overcoming the fact that they only have 65 scholarships.
Is the SEC too tough this year? Is it going to eat itself up?
“Only time will tell. Time will tell if one team can win almost all of them like last year.”
Is this the best the SEC has ever been top-to-bottom in your opinion?
“The conference you are talking about? It could be. I’m not sure until we are going to play. As a coach we just worry about the next game [laughs]. Overall we do have a lot of good teams. Yeah.”
If you wanted to you could go out and get a good Penn State transfer today. Are you interested at all?
“I haven’t called anybody. I don’t really know their team. I would think we would wait in case one of their players called us and we do recruit New Jersey and the Philly area quite a bit. If one of them did decide he may want to come our way and we had a scholarship available. Most schools are pretty close to full right now. No, we would just not start recruiting those guys. No, we would not do that.”
Did the NCAA overstep its bounds on punishing Penn State for covering up the crimes of Jerry Sandusky?
“That’s a discussion I don’t think I can win getting into either side of it. We all know it’s a horrible situation that happened up there, but I’ll let all these expert people know more about it than I do give their opinions.”
Can you win with 65 scholarships? How do you do that? What is the key to overcoming that?
“Only time will tell if that can happen. In the course of a game you play 50-55 players, maybe 60 sometimes and then you have 85 on scholarship, but you start training those guys for the next year. Your young guys do not play, but if you’re good at recruiting and you don’t miss on guys and they all become decent players then you can certainly be competitive. How much? I don’t know.”
Listen to Steve Spurrier on ESPN Radio here [Interview begins at the 23:30 mark of the podcast] Tags: Colin Cowherd, ESPN Radio, South Carolina Gamecocks, Steve Spurrier, The Herd

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