Stephen Jackson Has Gained Some Weight… In A Good Way

Listed at 215, Stephen Jackson says that he is now up to 240, but no need to worry G-State fans, he claims it’s a good thing.  Even he was a little startled when he stepped on the scale and saw that number because he’s been staying in shape.  Jax has been pounding the weights more than normal and has continued doing his cardio, but had no idea that he’d put on that much extra muscle.  He feels like he’s moving the same on the court but he’ll drop some weight before the season starts (as you’ll see below).  It seems like Jax just doesn’t feel right going in to the fall at that weight.  What does feel right is his determination – he brings a sense of focus in this interview that will ring beautifully in the ears of Warriors fans.  S-Jax appears to be extremely motivated after that horrible campaign his team just suffered.  Jackson joined KNBR with Fitz and Brooks to discuss the bad taste in his mouth, what Ellis is capable of, and his new body.

What is your mentality this offseason?

“My whole thing is I just wanna get back to playing and get to next season so we can wash this bad taste in our mouth away.  We’ve been through a lot this year, I don’t know many teams that have been through what me and Monta, and some of the other guys have been through since I got there – losing all these key guys, to beating a first team in the playoffs, to winning 49 games and not making the playoffs – it’s been a lot.  Now, it’s having a season where we didn’t make the playoffs, so it’s frustrating, but the good thing about it is, we’ve got a chance to correct it.”

What do you think Monta Ellis is capable of?

“Monta can do anything he’s asked to do as far as basketball – his talent is unlimited.  If they want him to be more of a facilitator and can get his shots at the same time, I think he can do that.  I think the thing is with Monta, since he’s been here, he’s had other guys to make plays so it wasn’t really something that was asked of him.  When it was me and BD, we made the plays, we made of the passes, that’s the role we accepted, and we just wanted Monta to score points because he had the best percentage scoring wise… Having Monta is a big plus for me, that’s gonna take a lot of pressure off myself.”

How are your offseason workouts going?

“I got some news for ya, I got on the scale today, I weighed 240.  (Host: Whoa!)  Yeah, I know right.  I still look the same as when the season ended.  I’ve been eating good, I’ve been running a lot, and shooting 500 shots a day, so, I’ve been working out.  I got on the scale and I was kinda scared because I didn’t think I weighed that much, because when I was working out the day before, I was moving real good, I dunked a couple times, I’m moving like I normally move.  So, I was wondering, ‘How am I 240 and I still feel the same?’  I plan on playing at around 230, 225, but the way I feel now, I feel great.”

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