Stephen Curry Hopes To Be Drafted In The Top Five

This Thursday’s NBA Draft is probably the most murky in terms of slotting where individual players will fall than any draft in recent memory. Behind Blake Griffin, there are no elite level prospects.Davidson guard Stephen Curry is hoping that without any unclear second and third choice that he’ll be able to creep up draft boards for teams looking for scoring. Curry averaged over 28 points a game in his junior season for the Wildcats. He torched Oklahoma and NC State this season with 44 points in each game. That kind of big scoring translates well to the NBA.

The knock on Curry has always been his size and whether he’s a true point guard. He’s slight, listed at 6’3” and 185 pounds. He’s not the youngest player to come into the league, having just turned 21 in March, but he does have ample time to add a little bulk to his frame.Stephen Curry joined The Dan Patrick Show to elaborate on why he thinks he’s the best pick in this year’s draft and on the whole draft process up until now.

On if he knows less today than he did two weeks ago about where he might be drafted:

“Definitely. There’s a lot more trade talks and now that teams have seen every player come through pretty much that they’re going to be looking at next Thursday, you don’t know who to believe when you hear stuff from GM’s and things like that. You just have to play the waiting game until your name is called.”

Curry was asked who he worked out with that really opened his eyes to how good that player was:

“Gerald Henderson from Duke. I worked out with him in Charlotte. I’ve played against him, but when you have to guard him one on one you realize how athletic he actually is. It’s tough to just keep him in front of you. He can shoot too which people don’t really realize. He’s very good.”

On if he thinks the Washington Wizards are going to draft him after a good workout with them:

“I don’t know. I tried to ask them some kind of strait forward questions and I don’t really have an answer to that. They say ‘you’re in our top three guys that we’re looking at.’.”

Curry was asked if he thinks he’ll be picked within the top 5:

“I think I’ve got a good shot at it.”

On if he has a suit already picked out for the draft night extravaganza:

“I’ve got three options. I haven’t decided which one I’m going to go with yet.”

On where he thinks he’ll end up going when its all said and done and which team he thinks favors him:

“I think I’ll be in that top 14. I’m going to go conservative right now. If we had another interview on Wednesday I would give you a better answer than that. I’m going to say New York just based on people I’ve talked to and I’ve talked to Donny Walsh and guys like that. They have to make a tough choice between me and Brandon Jennings and Johnny Flynn who they’ve already said they really like. It’s a matter of what they’re feeling on draft day. If I had to put any kind of money on it, I would say New York.”

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