Steelers Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau


Steelers Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau

Steelers DC Dick LeBeau, the mastermind of the 3-4 defense in the NFL, just finished his 50th league in the league as either a player or coach. The 71 year old LeBeau should be a strong candidate for the Hall of Fame, but assistant coaches have never been elected to the Hall before. He didn’t do too much as a head coach and while he was a very good DB during his playing days with the Lions, his playing career alone probably wasn’t good enough to warrant Canton. But if you put it all together, this guy should be a lock. LeBeau joined KKFN in Denver to talk about the 3-4 defense, his unheralded defensive line, and what his future holds:

On his approach to coaching:

“I don’t holler. I teach.”

On the necessity of leadership on and off the field:

“We have great leaders obviously to have the success that we’ve had. I will say this. I don’t care what your psychological or philosophical teaching approach is – you’re going to need leaders in that locker room. Because you’re going to have them in that meeting room and on that field for a period for two hours on the field and maybe two hours max in various meetings. And that leaves twenty hours in the day and they’re going to be with each other. And the real chemistry and bonding and binding of a team occurs with how those people feel and interact with each other.


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