Sidney Rice On Marshawn Lynch’s 77-Yard Run: “He Got To Shut Me Up On That One”

Sidney Rice On Marshawn Lynch’s 77-Yard Run: “He Got To Shut Me Up On That One”
November 2, 2012 – 9:15 am by Brad Gagnon
Sidney Rice and the Seattle Seahawks host the Minnesota Vikings this week, which gives Rice a chance to take on his former team and many of his good friends in what could be an important NFC matchup in terms of wild-card positioning.
But Rice knows that on Sunday, the focus won’t be on the receivers, but instead on the running backs.

Sidney Rice joined Paul Allen on KFAN in Minneapolis to discuss Seattle’s game last week against Detroit, his rookie quarterback and the two running backs that will be on display in Sunday’s game between the Vikings and Seahawks.
On falling short in Detroit:
“I feel like we just ran out of time. We came back, had a nice little drive there at the end, was able to get the ball into the end zone with Zach, and unfortunately their offense came down and did the same thing and put points on the board with not enough time left for us to get down the field.”
On rookie quarterback Russell Wilson:
“He’s doing really well. He’s not scared of anything. He’s a guy that doesn’t get down after something goes wrong, tries to encourage everyone to stay up and be ready. He’s led us to a few wins late in the fourth quarter throughout the season, so we know what he’s capable of doing.”
On his running back, Marshawn Lynch, and his Week 9 opponent and former teammate, Adrian Peterson:
“Those two backs are two of the best in the game right now. I think they’re both leading the NFL in rushing, so it does nothing but open up the pass game for you. That play-action gets the linebackers and safeties biting so you can take chances down the field.”
On who he prefers between Lynch and Peterson:
“They’re so different. You can choose either one of those guys. They’re both great runners. Adrian is one of the toughest runners and fastest guys I’ve been around. He’s a little slimmer than Marshawn, taller — lots of juke moves, spin moves. And Marshawn is like a wide body, runs with a wide base and is just like a solid rock coming through there, so you definitely have to bring your A game with tackling those guys. I say not only one guy’s gonna bring them down, but you’re going to need two or more to get either one of those running backs to the ground.”
On Lynch going 77 yards untouched in Detroit:
“That was surprising to me. … I talk a lot of trash to him about his speed, so he got to shut me up on that one. It was a perfectly blocked play; everybody did their assignments correct. … I was impressed with the speed going down the field.”
Listen to Sidney Rice on KFAN here (starts at 34:30)
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