Seth Curry Making His Own Name at Duke


Two years ago Seth Curry was a freshman at Liberty averaging 20 points per game and capturing the nation’s attention with his sweet shooting stroke at the small Virgina school. Curry quickly realized that he belonged on a bigger stage and transferred to Duke. After watching his team win the NCAA Championship last year and missing out on his ring, Curry has made his mark for the Blue Devils this season. After getting off to a relatively slow start this season, Curry has picked up his play in his last three games. He has scored in double-figures in his last three games and has become a key member in Coach Krzyzewski’s rotation for the Devils. Seth Curry joined Fox Sports Radio with Petros and Money to talk about his season so far, whether or not he got a ring for Duke winning the Championship last year, how much different it is playing at Duke against North Carolina than it was playing at Liberty, and what the key has been for him over his last three games.

On his season with Duke so far:

“Yeah it’s been up and down throughout the season so far just trying to get used to my role and not knowing how many touches or how many shots I’m gonna get every game. Just trying to stay ready, get my work in every practice, and just come into the game ready. Ready to make plays so I knew my opportunity would come and I’m just happy I’ve been able to make the most of it.”

Whether or not he got a ring for Duke winning the NCAA Championship last year:

“No. NCAA rules say you can’t get rings or any type of trophies or whatever when your team wins. It’s tough when you’re sitting out and your team goes out there and battles and has fun in games and you can’t be a part of that, but I got a lot better throughout last year. In practice battling everyday and playing against guys like Nolan (Smith) and Jon Scheyer every practice, you can’t help but get better so it definitely made my game a lot better.”

On playing for Duke against North Carolina in comparison with playing for Liberty:

“This is a big difference. All eyes on you when you’re on the court. One time during a free throw I was just thinking to myself like I’m here just looking around and seeing people in the stands like Danny Ferry, Rasheed Wallace, and old players from the rivalry games that I watched growing up, it’s crazy. You want to go out there and put a good performance on for them. It feels good to play a game that’s going to be remembered for a long time.”

Who was most upset about him and his brother not going to Virginia Tech:

“I would definitely say my dad because I’m sure he wanted his sons to follow in his footsteps and enjoy the fun times he had at Virginia Tech. We’re still fans of Virginia Tech, me and my brother will always be. Just growing up going to those games, especially football games, that’s a big deal for our family. It’s going to be fun going back there and playing and I’m sure it’s going to be a hostile environment.”

What the key has been to his success in the last three games:

“Just continuing to be aggressive. The biggest thing is my mindset has to be in the right place. Certain games I wouldn’t be very aggressive. I would just be watching Nolan and Kyle (Singler) and putting it all on them, but Coach is trying to stress to us that we had to have other scoring threats out there and that’s been me the past few games. Coach said after that Carolina game that you can’t have a letdown, you gotta come out and punctuate that game with another good game and that’s what makes good players. That was a big key of mine and I’m trying to keep it going.”

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