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Sean Weatherspoon Explains the Differences Between Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick
January 16, 2013 – 11:15 am by Chris Fedor
It wasn’t easy, and there were some really tense moments as the Atlanta Falcons nearly squandered a 20-point lead in their own house, but thanks to two clutch throws by quarterback Matt Ryan and a clutch kick by Matt Bryant, the Falcons earned their first playoff win since 2004. That was a huge step for the Falcons and the pressure may have been lifted after the win. Now, with the emotions of that game in the rearview mirror, Atlanta will spend this week focusing on an even better opponent, the San Francisco 49ers, coming to the Georgia Dome this weekend with a spot in the Super Bowl up for grabs.

Sean Weatherspoon joined 790 the Zone in Atlanta with Archer and Bell to talk about the emotions after last week’s win, the difference between Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, the atmosphere at the Georgia Dome last week, how tough San Francisco has been lately and whether the game plan will be to blitz more than the team did last week against Seattle.
On the emotions after last week’s win:
“It was definitely an emotional game and something I will remember for a long time. Just glad we came out with the win so we can move on to the next one and get ready for San Fran, because we have a tough challenge ahead of us. Big game this week.”
On the difference between Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson:
“He’s a guy that can really run. You have to keep your eyes on him, make sure you know where he’s at and you don’t want to let him beat you with legs. Obviously the stature, you can just look at the two guys and see how different they are, but Kaepernick is a really athletic guy just like Russell and he will pose challenges for our defense. The main thing is try to get to him, keep him in the pocket and whenever he does run, you just have to hit him and make him pay for it.”

How great the atmosphere was at the Georgia Dome this past week:
“That was the best vibe, the best crowd atmosphere that I have seen since I have been here, and it was fun being out there seeing the crowd and the whole atmosphere as it was. I think it will be a little bit more this week.”
On the way San Francisco has been playing lately:
“I think they are a hot team; they are a team that has played well all year just like we have. They have won a lot of games and they’re in the same situation that they have been in the past. I’m sure those guys are going to be revved up and those guys will be ready to go. I think we will be ready to go, fired up in the dome and we should have some fun.”
Whether the plan on defense is to blitz more this week than the team did last week:
“I’m not sure man. When you blitz the elite quarterbacks that can run, if you get out of your lanes then you give them a chance to get down the field. I think what we need to do is just focus on the most important thing, I think, not letting Frank Gore get going. Their team is really dependent on their offensive line and they really play physical in the box, so it will be a challenge for us to go out there and play physical with them and stop the run. Then, once we get them in passing situations, we have to do a better job this week of getting after it and when your number is called getting after him as well. The D-Line, linebacker, anybody who gets a chance to go after him just have to do better. I think guys are really focused on moving on and trying to do better this weekend. We will put in the work, work together, work hard, get the plan and go out there and execute the game plan. I think if we do that we will be in great shape.”
Listen to Sean Weatherspoon on 790 the Zone in Atlanta here
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