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Seahawks’ Richard Sherman Weighs in on the Team’s Revamped Uniforms

Seahawks’ Richard Sherman Weighs in on the Team’s Revamped Uniforms
April 4, 2012 – 8:45 am by Brad Gagnon
All 32 NFL teams unveiled redesigned uniforms on Tuesday. As the league switched its exclusive maker of apparel and uniforms from Reebok to Nike, most of the tweaks were minor. But in Seattle, the transformation was a little more dramatic:

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman joined 710 ESPN in Seattle to discuss the changes.
His thoughts on the new Seahawks uniforms:
“I think they’re pretty cool, man. I’m happy that we changed it up and we’re spearheading a new movement and the new unis. I’m sure a couple different teams have tried this over the years, but I’m pretty happy with it.”
On how much the uniforms really matter to the players:
“You look good you play good is what I was always taught. So to me personally, I think it’s pretty important. If you feel good in your uniform, pretty much every NFL uniform looks great, so there’s no complaining about any, but I think ours are pretty innovative right now.”
On the players keeping the new uniforms under wraps for quite a while:
“You had to, man. It’s a lot of legal work if you don’t.”
On which version of the Seattle uniform he likes the most:
“I like the white. I like the white uniforms. I definitely like the gray also. I dunno, I just like the white. It’s clean, I always like the away jerseys I guess.”
Listen to Richard Sherman on 710 ESPN here (starts at the 10:06 mark)
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