Santana Moss on RGIII: “I don’t believe in hype. I don’t believe about talking about it until you get it done.”

Santana Moss on RGIII: “I don’t believe in hype. I don’t believe about talking about it until you get it done.”
July 30, 2012 – 7:00 am by Steven Cuce
The last time we heard from Santana Moss here on SRI the Redskins wide receiver was candid in explaining that Robert Griffin III had a lot to learn and it was the Redskins responsibility to get better around him. RGIII has brought a ton of hype and promise to the Skins. All the RGIII talk has started to annoy some in the NFL with Osi Umenyiora letting the rookie quarterback know he’s gotta earn his nickname before he’s crowned as a savior in Washington.
No.89 seems to share the same opinion towards his new quarterback, but believes his work in the offseason with RGIII in Texas will be the difference maker for the Skins this season.

Santana Moss joined ESPN 980 in D.C. with The Sports Reporters to discuss losing 19-20 pounds in the offseason, not wanting to talk up Robert Griffin III too much, working out with RGIII in Waco alongside the Baylor University football team, and the Washington Redskins football team not having any off the field controversy this season.
How much weight have you lost?
“I don’t know man around 19-20 pounds. [Host: Why?] Cause I was overweight. 5’9” and 200 something pounds…I was playing receiver? That’s not the ideal weight for a receiver for that size. I think I have been my best and played my best when I was under 195. Right now I am at 189/188, so I am feeling good.”
You have been around a lot of quarterbacks in your career. Where does Robert Griffin III stack up?
“I mean like I tell everyone else….he’s a young guy. He’s going to have a lot thrown at him. When you are coming in being Heisman Trophy winner and being ‘RG3,’ the guy who did it all at Baylor and being the guy he is and coming to a team like this team that’s looking for that guy it’s going to be so much thrown at him. The one thing I can say is he has all the skills. What we need to do as a team and what we gonna do is try to lead him to where we need to be. We can’t run out here and talk him up. I hate talking people up. I hate talking anybody up. I don’t believe in hype. I don’t believe about talking about it until you get it done. That’s my main focus when it comes down and people ask questions about him. He’s going to show you some great things, but until we go out and play together and he needs to get that monkey off his back in a real game and show what type of guy he is going to be. Then we can do all the talking then. I don’t want to do it until then. I feel like every day he is going to come out here and we are going to get better and get a better feel with him and from there it is going to prepare us to be the team we want to be this year.”
You went to Waco, Texas to work out with Robert Griffin III right? What was your day like in Waco?
“Well the first day we got there Baylor was still in summer drills. We woke up 6 o’clock in the morning and worked out with them. That experience was like no other that I have seen in my life. I ran with their football team. I got to meet with the coaches and lift with the team. From there we went on the field in the afternoon and the next day…that was the weekend. Saturday and Sunday they were all off, so we threw balls around 11/12 o’clock and just the heat itself out there had us out there working, but it was something we looked forward to. After we caught passes and ran routes we went out to dinner or went bowling.We had a good time and one of those days we rode to Dallas. It was a good outing for a bunch of guys that want to really bond. When you spend time like that you are really trying to have something more than you have. I think hopefully that pays off cause most of the time when you put in that kind of work it always shows itself at the end.”
What is the atmosphere like in the building and inside the locker room compared to the last two years where there was so much more off the field drama?
“I feel like every year you are going to have something going on regardless if it’s good or bad. How it gets caught in the media? It can make things worse or we counted it always the same as players. It could be something going on right now with someone and as players our minds are so off of what is going on outside of football cause we don’t have a chance to think about it until we get away from here. It’s never been something that has weighed on us. Right now when you think about it. I haven’t thought about it until…I’ve actually been asked that question every day since we have been out here. It makes a difference. I feel like what Coach Shanahan has done so far with this team and he is trying to steer us the right way, trying to do the right things off the field in the offseason. That counts for the team. When you have guys that are not getting in trouble in the offseason, guys showing up for offseason workouts, guys that are in shape, guys that are coming in being here on time. That counts towards your season to make you have that chance. That little bit more of a chance to have the season that you want, so I am really proud that our guys went out there and did what we did. I am proud to have a team without that much controversy around us right now, so we can play freely.”
Listen to Santana Moss on ESPN 980 in D.C. here
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