Santana Moss Is Confident With Rex Grossman At Quarterback


Santana Moss Is Confident With Rex Grossman at Quarterback

The first season for the Washington Redskins under Mike Shanahan’s watch didn’t go very well. Even though the Redskins brought in Donovan McNabb to stabilize a very shaky position, they quickly found out he wasn’t the answer and it looked like the relationship between the six-time Pro Bowler and his head coach was never at the level where it needed to be. McNabb is gone and as Washington heads into Shanahan’s second season, he still has a big question mark at quarterback and is hoping that Rex Grossman can be the answer.Grossman won a quarterback competition with John Beck this offseason and now Rex will have a chance to back up some of the things he said this offseason about the Skins being a playoff team.

With Tim Hightower coming over from Arizona as well as Santana Moss catching balls in the nation’s capitol, there are some pieces to like on the offensive side of the ball, but with Rex Grossman as the starting quarterback the Skins will once again be fighting just to stay out of the basement in the NFC East.Santana Moss joined WFAN in New York with Joe and Evan to talk about how excited he is to get the season started after the way the offseason went, if he has confidence in Rex Grossman as the starting quarterback, how difficult it is for a team to continue to change quarterbacks and not know who the guy is heading into training camp, what he thinks of people outside Washington saying the Redskins will be bad again, and what he thinks about the moves the Eagles made this offseason.

How excited he is to get the season started after the way this offseason went:

“It’s been great man. Everybody is excited. That offseason, is one of the offseason’s that we want to never have to go through again. We didn’t know what to expect from it so we just did the best we could until it was time for us to get back to where we are right now. That’s getting ready for this Sunday against the Giants.”

If he has confidence in Rex Grossman:

“I mean we played with him last year so of course. I had a chance to play with him late in the season last year when they made the change. He came in and we didn’t win games, a lot of games, but he came in and played well offensively. We knew this team last year was missing a lot of pieces and we only could get better. Rex showed at the quarterback position, once they went to him, he can take the load and handle it. That alone led me going into the offseason, not knowing what to expect from the whole free agency thing, but just knowing that Rex did a great job at the helm. When he had his opportunity he played great.”

How tough it is to not know who the quarterback is until late into the preseason:

“You gotta understand who you’re talking to right now. I’m going into my 11th season and I’ve had 11 different quarterbacks I’ve played with. It’s difficult every year but you have to deal with it you know what I’m saying? I always sit back and think ‘man what if I was the guy who had one guy for all these years?’ You know what I mean? Certain guys’ stories are told and written different. Mine is going to be written as the guy who played with millions of quarterbacks. I’m gonna take it for what it is.”

On people knocking the Redskins:

“Every year people have to say what they’re going to say and you can’t hate ‘em for it and you can’t knock ‘em for it. They’re experts, that’s what they call themselves, but we have to go out and play the game. It’s up to us to go out there and make the outcome what it is. I’m not big on getting into what we’re gonna do. We just have to go out there, show up, and do it.”

Whether or not it fuels the Redskins that they are predicted by many to be bad again:

“Not at all. I feel like everybody in our division knows about the Redskins. You can be the last team in this division as we have been called and as we have been the last few years, but we give hell to every team in this division and guys outta this division. Our division, you can go through any team and say this team might be the winner, but you never can really say who is going to be the champs. Until we go out there and play between those lines that’s when it’s all made up.”

What he thought about the Eagles moves this offseason:

“Teams have chances to get guys they want especially with the period we just went through with free agency. It was like the craziest thing the NFL probably went through with all the big names that were out there. They did what they had to do, go out there and try beef up and see where they stand after they do it. They always have a great team and just adding more guys can only help them I feel. Right now being one of those opponents, we can’t really dwell on them getting more guys. We just have to go out and do what we’re doing. I feel as a Redskin we have to face those guys twice a year. Some of the things that we did that people are not really talking about, we’re moving in the right direction too with getting some guys that really fit this offense and fit this team the way that Coach Shanahan wants.”

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