Santana Moss explains how Robert Griffin still has a lot to learn and it’s the Redskins responsibility to get better around him

Santana Moss explains how Robert Griffin still has a lot to learn and it’s the Redskins responsibility to get better around him
May 25, 2012 – 8:30 am by Steven Cuce
Patrick Ramsey. Mark Brunell. Jason Campbell. Todd Collins. Donovan McNabb. Rex Grossman. John Beck. These are the quarterbacks the Washington Redskins have gone through during the time that Santana Moss has started and resumed his career in the Nation’s Capital. Needless to say there hasn’t been a ton of consistency at the quarterback position.
The drafting of Robert Griffin III brings a ton of hype and promise to the Skins. There are high expectations already, but No.89 doesn’t want the fan base to get ahead of themselves just yet. Moss believes RGIII has the ability to turn the franchise around, but realizes the team must do their part to make it happen.

Santana Moss joined ESPN 980 in D.C. with The Sports Fix to discuss the Washington Redskins new receiving core, Robert Griffin III being the best quarterback in terms of ability that he has ever played with in his NFL career, the advice he has given Robert Griffin III so far and Rex Grossman being able to help Robert Griffin III through his rookie season.
How does the receiving core on the Redskins now compare to years past?
“Man, one I can see for year past and this my 8th year here we’ve had receivers come in and out every year. Even after my first year here we brought in Brandon Lloyd and Antwaan Randle El and you name it. We had guys come in from draft picks to free agents. It’s just one of those situations where a team tries to get better and when they try to get better they are trying to bring in guys they hope that can get them better. When you look at the guys we have these are all great guys that did their things with other clubs and all you can do is come out there and look forward to them being as productive.”
How much more capable is Robert Griffin III compared to the other quarterbacks you have played with?
“It’s one of those situations where he is a young guy and at the end of the day regardless how much his skill level is better than other young guys like himself he still has to learn a lot day by day, so that’s one thing I want everyone to understand that he comes here with the big hope of turning everything around. We are all hoping that. We all want that, but I don’t want that pressure on him as if he has to be the one. Together we have to be a team around him to help him bring us to where we have to be at. I feel like everyday we are out there all we can do is get better together and he can get better as a whole just knowing what this offense is going to bring to him.”
What are some suggestions you have given to Robert Griffin III?
“I mean I really don’t get a chance to really tell him what to do as a quarterback because that is not my job. When we out there together and it’s different things I might see I might just tell him to slow it down, collect it all and then go from there. Everything is all timing, so if it’s something I felt I rushed or he rushed or we may just be a little off I might come back and say to him it’s my fault or my bad. It’s all in the spirit of the moment, but nothing I can outright just say hey as a quarterback you need to do this because I play receiver. All I want him to do is do what he do and the let the coaches coach him up to be who he want to be, so that I can be the guy for him.”
You’re a big supporter of Rex Grossman. Are you happy he is back? Do you think he can help Robert Griffin III develop as a player?
“I’m still a big supporter of Rex Grossman. Rex is a guy you can always count on. I think most definitely he can be a great attribute to RGIII. I feel like both of them are RGIII-I and RGIII-2. I just feel like Rex knows this offense well. Rex is a guy that knows this offense. He can go up there and get guys the ball. I’m pretty sure in the film room we are going to be able to show him some things and just be able to help guide him through his rookie season.”
Listen to Santana Moss on ESPN 980 in D.C. here
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