Sam Hurd’s attorney, Brett Greenfield, on federal drug charges: “I believe this is a case that can be defended.”

Sam Hurd’s attorney, Brett Greenfield, on federal drug charges: “I believe this is a case that can be defended.”

Last week the Bears were stunned to find out that wide receiver, Sam Hurd, was arrested on federal drug charges for dealing large amount of drugs in Chicago. Hurd has allegedly purchased cocaine and marijuana from a supplier in North Texas. Brett Greenfield, one of Sam Hurd’s attorneys, believes his client can beat this case from the sound of it. Greenfield knows the former Bears wide receiver has his work cut out for him, but he wants to show everybody the truth about his client. The NFL front office is hoping that Hurd is telling the truth when he claimed his clientele didn’t include current NFL players. Brett Greenfield joined ESPN Chicago with.

“The Waddle & Silvy Show” to discuss Sam Hurd’s current state of mind, Sam Hurd’s defense, the challenge of defending Sam Hurd, his experience in defending professional athletes and the next step in the process of defending Sam Hurd.Can you share with us Sam Hurd’s current state of mind? What are his spirits like? What were you guys talking about?“Sam’s spirits are very good. Sam is a very confident young man. He’s calm. He’s quiet. He’s really anxious to get out and face these charges. He wants to fight these charges because he wants to show everybody the truth about what’s going on and he wants to show everybody the truth about him. You guys have heard it. This is a great young man. This is a man who is high school educated, college educated, he’s been in the NFL for a numbers of years. He has a wife. He has a family.

His teammates have always loved him. The one thing we know is the past is the best predictor of the future and Sam has been nothing, but consistent and I think he is going to continue to be consistent. He’s very anxious to get out and fight these charges.”What can you tell us about Sam Hurd’s defense in this case?“Well I can’t get into the defense at this time unfortunately. I can’t really get into the facts. I’m sort of learning facts as you are learning facts. I had an affidavit dropped on me 10 minutes before court yesterday with a plate of things that supposedly Sam said, but I think hopefully the case and we got into the discovery and get into motions we will be able to see the truths. We are going to be able to see what these facts are –  who’s making a valid point – what’s behind the people that are making them. At this point I can’t really get into what the defenses are.”

How did this case end up in your lap? What’s the next step in the process?

“Sam reached out to us through his friends and family, who have us retained. That’s how it ended up. I decided to take it – talking to Sam – knowing Sam and I believe in Sam and I believe this is a case that can be defended. I think we are going to do exactly that.”What kind of experience do you have involving these cases with high profile athletes and celebrities?“I have been doing this for over a decade. My partner has been doing this for 43 years.”What’s the next step in the process?“The next step in the process is to get Sam released today – to get a date for our first appearance in Texas – get a status conference set and start to do some discovering and do some investigation and be proactive.” Listen to Brett Greenfield on 1000 ESPN Chicago here Tags: 1000 ESPN Chicago, Brett Greenfield, Chicago Bears, NFL, Sam Hurd, Sam Hurd drug arrest

Responses to “Sam Hurd’s attorney, Brett Greenfield, on federal drug charges: “I believe this is a case that can be defended.””

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