Ryan Mallett On Albert Breer Report This Other Stuff Is Mind Boggling To Me To Me He Got False Information


Ryan Mallett has been the recipient of a fair amount of criticism coming from all angles, based on some poor decision making off the field during his playing days at Michigan and Arkansas. The NFL draft brings about the most over analyzed commentary in all of professional sports, whether it’s the talk of 40-times, weight room reps and even off the field concerns. Most of the criticism fans will hear on a collegiate player is completely non-football related and has nothing to do with putting on the pads, buckling up the chin strap and letting it ride out on the gridiron. Ryan Mallett was said to have “major off the field concerns,” back in January by NFL Network reporter, Albert Breer, but he wouldn’t cite specific examples of what exactly would be inhibiting Mallett from being the first quarterback taken in the 2011 NFL draft.  Mallett feels that Breer “doesn’t know him at all” and “doesn’t know where he gets his information from.” One thing is clear for Mallett: he’ll be playing with a chip on his shoulder to prove all the critics wrong for their sentiments.

Ryan Mallett joined KJR in Seattle with Ian Furness and Jason Puckettto discuss his visit with the Seattle Seahawks, if he think he can fit into Pete Carroll’s system, what are his weaknesses in his opinion, what did he make of Albert Breer’s report on his character and how did those comments make him feel when he heard them.

What did you make of the Seattle Seahawks? Share the experience with us?

“Well I didn’t get to see too much because these trips are one day trips. You only get to spend one day with the team, but you know I got to talk with the guys you mentioned [Pete Carroll]. They’re all great guys. They’ve got a great staff. Coach Carroll is a great coach and they’re looking forward to making a lot of noise. That’s a team that you want to play for, somebody that’s ready to go.”

Do you think you can fit into Pete Carroll’s system?

“You know I think I can fit into any system really. You just gotta learn it and get it down pat. Once I do all that it doesn’t matter what kind of system it is, whether it’s west coast, spread it out, do whatever. As long as I get it down pat. You know get to know what I’m doing, I think I can fit into any system”

What are your weaknesses in your opinion?

“Just keeping my weight back. I get my weight over my front foot a little too much and that’s when I become inaccurate. If I keep my weight back I become more accurate, so that’s the thing I’ve been working on since I”ve had this time to work in between the Sugar Bowl and the NFL Draft.”

Why did you make of the Albert Breer report regarding your off the field concerns, but wouldn’t give any details?

“Because Albert [Breer] doesn’t know me. Yeah Albert doesn’t know me and Albert’s never been around me. Albert doesn’t know what kind of guy I am. That’s why I love these visits, being around the team, so they can see what kind of guy I am and what kind of person I am because all these reports about you know all this other stuff is mind boggling to me. I don’t know where he [Albert Breer] gets his information, but to me he got false information.”

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