Ryan Grant On Ndamukong Suh’s Two-game Suspension: “do I Think It Needs To Be Longer? Yeah, I Do. I Think It’s Absurd.”

Ryan Grant on Ndamukong Suh’s Two-Game Suspension: “Do I think it needs to be longer? Yeah, I do. I think it’s absurd.”

The story of the Thanksgiving Day Game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions should have been the Packers complete annihilation of the Lions in front of a rabid and especially hungry Lions fanbase.  Instead, we were left to talk about another dirty play by defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.   He’s since received a two-game suspension by Roger Goodell and hasn’t particularly sounded contrite in his apologies.  If he keeps playing this way, it will overshadow his immense skills on the football field and continue to hurt his football team. The Packers weren’t shy with their feelings about Suh’s actions.  Especially Ryan Grant.

Grant joined WSSP in Milwaukee with the Big Show to talk about whether he thought the two game suspension Ndamukong Suh received for his kick stomping a Packers player was long enough, what some of the dirtiest things players have tried to do to him on the football field, their upcoming Week 13 matchup with the Giants and how the Packers aren’t putting too much stock into their poor showing against New Orleans on Monday Night Football in Week 12, and how the Packers team won’t be distracted by the arrest of teammate Erick Walden on suspicion of domestic violence and instead just be focused on trying to support him through the tough period.

If he thinks the two-game suspension for Ndamukong Suh was lengthy enough:

“I think that’s old news for us, but I don’t know, I sort of thought it was going to be a little bit longer. But at the end of the day, do I think it needs to be longer? Yeah, I do. I think it’s absurd. It was about as overboard as you can get what he did; it’s just not football. Can’t have that. It was ridiculous, and it’s not something you want to see regardless. I’m not a fan of the apology, I’m not a fan of what he said. Anybody in hindsight can say all that, but we’re talking about something that’s not exactly a first occurrence. There have been issues, there have been talks and communication with the commissioner and across the board. But like I said, we’re moving on, we ain’t focusing on all that, we’ve got our own stuff to worry about.”

What’s the dirtiest thing a players has tried to do to him on the football field:

“Eye gouge. Yeah, I’ve been eye gouged numerous times. Twisted ankles underneath the piles, trying to twist knees, sticking fingers in mouths and ears, I’ve had guys try to like rip your gums, you know what I mean? Just ask Leroy (Butler) what the safeties do, like trying to stick there hands in there and try to pull the gums. A bunch of stuff, but it’s kind of part of the game. You learn to protect yourself.”

How the Packers will avoid the potential distraction of Erik Walden being arrested for suspicion of domestic violence this past weekend:

“I think we’re very in house. We keep everything in house, and we’re very protective of that and respectful of that. I don’t think there’s that many people that actually know what happened with Erik’s situation, we just know we support him, we’ll be there for him, we’ll make sure that guys say their prayers and we keep him in mind throughout the whole situation on both ends — both him and his girlfriend. But at the same time, we keep it in house, because to be voicing it about this or that, regardless, it doesn’t help either cause.”

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