Ryan Grant Insists Bruised Kidney Is Nothing Major, Believes That Despite 3-0 Start, Packers Are “not Dominating The Way We Want To.”

Ryan Grant Insists Bruised Kidney is Nothing Major, Believes that Despite 3-0 Start, Packers are “not dominating the way we want to.”

After being forced to watch his teammates win Super Bowl XLV without him last season, Ryan Grant is just happy to be back on the field contributing for the Green Bay Packers. Fully recovered from the ligament damage in his ankle sustained in Week season, Grant leads the Packers in rushing with 157 yards through the first three games of the season. Not a huge total, but 92 of them came this past Sunday in an important 27-17 victory over the Chicago Bears in Week 3.Grant did however suffer a bruised kidney injury in the 4th quarter on Sunday on a big hit from Brian Urlacher. We’ll see just how much he’s hampered in the forthcoming weeks. Provided he can recover and continue producing for the Packers, Grant looks to build on his Week 3 success and continue a successful comeback campaign for the defending Super Bowl champs in 2011.

Ryan Grant joined WSSP in Milwaukee on The Big Show to discuss the bruised kidney he sustained during Green Bay’s Week 3 win over Chicago, what the remedy is for that type of injury, how the injury is nothing major, when exactly the injury occurred, how the Packers are still leaving plenty on the table and have yet to come close to playing their best ball, the Chicago Bears bizarre punt return play, and his initial impressions of how good the Detroit Lions are this season.What are the details on this bruised kidney injury you have? I found out on the internet for NFL players it means a couple of weeks of rest. Have the doctors given you any estimate on how long you would be out?“No not that. It’s definitely not that case. I definitely haven’t been on bed rest. I feel fine. I have been walking around. I finished the game and everything.

We really don’t know any details right now. Like I said I feel fine. It wasn’t really anything major to it — just precautionary I guess. We’ll get some more information from the doctors on some tests later on this week.”Do you know where the whole injury happened in the game?“It was in the fourth quarter. I would say it was mid-to-the-beginning of the fourth quarter. It was a play…actually on film I grabbed the spot when it happened. It was in the middle of the field and I cut back really fast and to the middle of the field and I got hit by Brian Urlacher and I think of the safeties. I think Brian Urlacher caught me in the back and it was funny when it happened I was like ‘ohh’ on the field and Brian Urlacher said on the field ‘me too RG.I felt that one too. It hurt.’ When I came to the sideline I guess they were checking my mouth and it felt like I had just taken a shot and it hurt for awhile. Then I was fine. It wasn’t to the point where I just told them just give me a little bit. I can take a shot. I’m fine. They were like are you short of breath? I was like no not at all. I’m fine. I’ll be fine and I think I went back in the next series.”

You guys left a lot of plays out on the field. It’s kind of scary how good you guys can be. I’m sure you are saying we haven’t played our best ball yet?

“Yeah definitely. We’re not dominating the way we want to. We are definitely 3-0. We can’t take that for granted. A win is a win. Especially in this league, but at the same time we are not playing the sort of football we want to play. We’re finishing games in the sense that outcomes are the way we want. From the particulars and the discipline of certain things we want to dominate. It has nothing to do with who we play. It has to do with the other team. We want to play at a high level for ourselves and that is what we are going to strive for every single week no matter what the game plan is or who we play. We are going to strive and keep elevating. It’s not a problem for us. The expectation is what we set for ourselves. We know what we have on both sides of the ball especially in the special teams, so we are looking forward to it. We’ll take the win. We know it’s going to be a drag it out type of game.

We just want to clean up our end.”Do you watch the game film as a team?

Did Mike McCarthy yell and scream about the Chicago Bears punt return play where they fooled everyone in gold?“I think they fooled everyone in the stadium. I don’t know about the fans. I don’t know what it looks like on TV. [Host: It screwed the camera guy up] Did it really? Well it definitely got us. I think on that particular play we just felt well you know what we’ll clean it up. Now I didn’t get a chance to see the special teams play with the team. I saw it, but I didn’t watch it in the specials team meeting. I don’t know how they reacted to it from that stance. It was a special play. Fortunately it didn’t count and I’m definitely glad it didn’t. It was definitely one of those plays where I had never seen it before.

When I actually saw him with the ball I guess he had caught maybe two seconds before that, so he was just running down the sideline and I was just like what is he running for? I thought it was a dead ball. In my mind I was like why is he still running down the sideline?

All of a sudden I was like the crowd is getting nuts and I’m like holy smokes. I’m like he is running for real? Is this a real play? Then when he scored I was like what happened? Guys are saying I think they faked us out because all the guys on the sidelines didn’t know.”How sold are you on the Detroit Lions in the last three weeks?“You are about as sold as they give you on tape. What they give you on tape is that they are a good team plain and simple. You can’t take anything away from them. They are 3-0. They showed they have weapons on that team. They showed good defense and they’ve showed they finish games at the end and win games. That is big in this league. I think you don’t take anything away about what Detroit brings. They have a young team with young guys that are fiery that are playing together. They got a defense that runs to the ball. A lot of playmakers there. They finish games. I think it is impressive what they did in Minnesota to finish that game like that.”Listen to Ryan Grant on WSSP in Milwaukee hereTags: Green Bay defeats Chicago 27-17, Green Bay Packers, NFL, Ryan Grant, The Big Show, WSSP in Milwaukee


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