Ryan Fitzpatrick: “we Just Got A Lot Of Work To Do. This Was A Wake Up Call For Us.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick: “We just got a lot of work to do. This was a wake up call for us.”

was a day to forget in Buffalo Bills history. This was not the kind of start that the Bills wanted after going out in the offseason and spending some cash to address some issues on their defense. After it was all said and done Buffalo was blown out by New York, 48-28. Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t let the deflating loss to the Jets hurt his confidence. After throwing three interceptions in Week 1 the Bills signal caller is ready to move past his poor performance.

Ryan Fitzpatrick joined WGR in Buffalo with Howard Simon to discuss what went wrong for the Bills in their loss to the Jets, throwing three interceptions against the New York Jets this past Sunday, the Bills moving past the embarrassing loss to the Jets, not losing confidence in himself despite the poor performance against the Jets and his take on the replacement officials.

What happened? Why was the loss to the Jets so bad on Sunday?

“Well I think the obvious answer to that is turnovers. The three interceptions I threw and the fumble that we had. You are not going to win many games in this league when you make mistakes like that and that’s something that is very disappointing. It’s something I feel like I made an emphasis on this offseason being smarter and making the right decisions. Unfortunately I gave it up three times yesterday, but it’s something we’ll look at and address and just try to get figured out.”

How would you break down your interceptions?

“The first one was late. I threw it late on a good corner and he’s going to step in front and get it. That was the one that Darrelle Revis picked off. The second one was just a bad throw. A throw I didn’t step into and threw it behind David Nelson and the third one was a bad decision on my part.”

How much does this loss set you back?

“I don’t think it does. As a quarterback and just as a player in general in the NFL you gotta be able to move along from games, whether they are great games or bad games. This is obviously not the way we wanted to start the season. I definitely had a different vision in terms of how it was going to go and how we were going to start off, but you learn from this one and you move on and hopefully you don’t keep saying that throughout the year. Hopefully you learn your lesson and we’ll start winning some games and get on a little roll here.”

A game like yesterday’s loss doesn’t hurt your confidence or rock you a little bit?

“You know what it doesn’t. I’m sure that’s hard for people to hear and believe, but I am a steady guy. That’s just who I am. I don’t get too high and I don’t get too low. For me and I know the guys in the locker room we are still excited about the year. We are still confident. We just got a lot of work to do. The game of football especially in the NFL is a very humbling game and when you think you have it it tends to humble you. This was a wake up call for us.”

Any issues with the replacement officials in the first game?

“No I mean there are so many things in the game that I’m focused on and trying to do. It’s hard for me to even worry about any of that stuff and I am not able to sit and look at why they threw the flag. Usually I’ll just the flag on the ground, but I thought as a whole they did a decent job.”

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