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Russell Westbrook is enjoying the rest of the abbreviated offseason he has right now after winning an Olympic gold medal for Team USA in London. That said, the Oklahoma City guard still has a bad taste in his mouth from the Thunder’s loss to Miami in the NBA Finals. Westbrook is chomping at the bit for the opportunity to see if OKC is ready to take the next step forward and win it all. After the offseason the Los Angeles Lakers have had, most of the media is already speculating a playoff matchup between the two teams. Is Westbrook intimidated by the new look Lakers featuring Dwight Howard and Steve Nash? The Thunder won’t be backing down to anyone.

Russell Westbrook joined 710 ESPN in Los Angeles with Mason and Ireland to discuss the Lakers acquiring Dwight Howard and Steve Nash in the offseason, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash being a ‘good’ pickup for the Lakers, wearing glasses without lenses in post-game press conferences, wanting to see the Lakers in the NBA playoffs, and the Miami Heat being the team to beat in the NBA.

What was your opinion of what the Lakers did getting Dwight Howard and Steve Nash?

“It was a good pickup for them man. It makes them a lot stronger and they are definitely going to be a great team to get by and our job is now to step up our game.”

Really the Lakers getting Dwight Howard and Steve Nash is just a “good” pickup to you?

“It’s a good pickup. Come on bro [laughs]. It’s a good pickup you know. They had a great center as well with Andrew Bynum. He was a good center. They got Dwight Howard and Steve Nash and it makes them a better team. That says we have to get better as well.”

Are you mad that you didn’t copyright your look on wearing glasses without lenses in the postgame press conferences?

“No I’m not mad about it. It’s a great look. [Host: How did you start it?] I don’t know I’ve been wearing it for awhile and I just happened to wear it. [Host: You wore it to goof around?] Yeah just goofing around wearing it just whenever and all the time. Not even when I dress up.”

Do you want to see the Lakers again in the playoffs or would you rather miss them?

“I mean I don’t mind seeing them. We definitely don’t run from a challenge. We are a team that tries to stay humbled and just do our job and try to compete each and every night.”

In your mind is the Miami Heat the team to beat right now?

“Definitely. They won the championship. They definitely the team to beat and they are the defending champs coming into next year and that’s definitely going to be the team to beat.

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