Roy Hibbert On Being A Restricted Free Agent: “It’s Just A Matter Of Them [Pacers] Stepping Up And Getting The Deal Done.”


The days are ticking away here in June for Roy Hibbert and his patience with the Indiana Pacers. The former Georgetown University center wants it to be known that he loves playing for Indiana, but business is business. Hibbert was quite pleased with the progress made by the Pacers this season. This team is gunning for something higher than a second round loss in the playoffs next season, but he’s not so sure if he’ll be part of the equation at this point. Free agency is set to begin on July 1st.

Roy Hibbert joined WENDin Indianapolis with Query and Schultz to discuss trying to work out a long term extension with the Indiana Pacers, wanting to remain a member of the Pacers, the Pacers having a bright future next season and the idea of taking a hometown discount to stay with the team that drafted him several years ago.

This is a big offseason for you. You’re a restricted free agent. I know you’re trying to work out a long term extension with the Pacers. What’s been the approach since the season ended?

“It has been weighing on me. First and foremost I do love Indiana. They are a team that has worked with me since I was a rookie. They really worked to develop me, but at the same time I have to do what is best for myself and my family and talk things through with my agent and see what’s best for us.”

In your gut and the depth of your heart can you say you would 75% return to the Pacers?

“I would love to return to the Pacers. From what my agent is telling me it’s just a matter of them stepping up and getting the deal done. I can’t speak too much about it, but I know as the days are getting closer to July 1st I will be thinking what is best for my family and myself.”

Do you look back at this season favorably for all the great things this team accomplished moving forward?

“It started off a little rocky not knowing if we were going to play at all this year and luckily we were able to and we had ups and downs throughout the season, but the fans stuck with us and the team overcame the adversity. Obviously we would like to get further than the second round and be playing right now, but it wasn’t in the cards for us this year. Whether I am here next year or not I know this team has a bright future.”

Would you consider taking a hometown discount if the situation presented itself with the Pacers if another team made a higher bid?

“I am not going to answer that. I can’t answer that right now. My agent would…[Host: He would kill you, wouldn’t he?]  Yeah. My agent is really good at what he does and he’s going to look out for myself and hopefully a deal gets done.”

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