Ron Artest Doesn’t Believe Tracy McGrady Picked LA


Is it possible to get bulletin board material from your own teammate?  Check.  After we posted here on SRI that fellow Rocket, Tracy McGrady, had picked the Lakers to win the NBA Championship, word got out on the internet, and to Ron Artest, pretty quickly.  While the Rockets were holding their own in a tough playoff series against the Blazers, Artest joined the Carmichael Dave show on KHTK prior to game two and Dave broke the T-Mac story to him on air.  Artest and Carmichael are good friends and it’s more like the two are just shooting the breeze – so much so, that Ron was sucking back some kids vitamins on the air.  Artest discussed the vitamins, the McGrady situation, and why the Blazers are so odd.

On who he thought McGrady picked to win the NBA Championship:

“He picked us.  (Host: No, he didn’t.  He picked the Lakers).  No, he didn’t.  (Host: That’s what I’m reading right now…) Tracy didn’t say that, you know, he didn’t say that.  He didn’t say that… I think that guy who said that wasn’t Tracy, it was a look-alike.  I just got a text, it was a look alike… He’s got total confidence in us.”

On whether or not he’ll get a mohawk after the Rockets advance to the 2nd round:

“It’s gonna be tough though – it’s not gonna be easy to get that mohawk, not with these Portland Trail Blazers.  They’re a unique team, they’re young, they’re just so poised.  They’re so good, so talented.  It’s weird.  It’s weird they’re in the position that they’re in right now.”

On what types of vitamins he was taking during the interview:

“I was taking the little gummy bear, Flintstone ones… I went to Whole Foods and they had a bunch of them, the cartoon character ones… (Host: Do you actually look to see which Flintstone you’re eating?)  Well, I try not to eat the lady… I try not to eat the man!  Just give me the car.  I try to find the car.  Worst case scenario, I eat the lady.”

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