Rodgers Survives Potentially Awkward Meeting With MNF Crew

Given his recent comments regarding the commentators of Monday Night Football, a recent meeting with the MNF crew certainly could’ve been awkward. If you want the full back story, just search Rodgers’ name on this site. But, the Cliff’s notes version is basically as follows: Rodgers ripped Tony Kornheiser for not doing any research and Ron Jaworski for ripping on his fundamentals around the time Rogers was drafted. He also then later apologized to seemingly everyone he could apologize to. Still, when he met with the crew recently, he claims the situation was a lot less awkward than it could have been. However, given some of his answers to questions on the exact same radio show this week, it’s hard to believe any meeting with him wouldn’t be at least a little bit awkward. Check out some of his answers below, or listen to the interview in its entirety, and you’ll see what I mean. Aaron Rodgers joined ESPN Radio Milwaukee with Homer to discuss his cover page and article for The Sporting News, his recent meeting with the Monday Night Football crew, how he feels about the added hype, whether he’s surprised by the attention, the Green Bay Packers primary goal for this season, which quarterback he would draft first in fantasy football (sort of) and Packers tight end Jermichael Finley.

On his experience shooting the cover and doing a story with The Sporting News:

“I wasn’t crazy about that cover, to be honest with you.” Why? “It’s a long story, but I was kind of disappointed with the whole association.” We had a suggestion that it was Photo Shopped:” “It probably was. I just wasn’t happy with the way the whole thing turned out. … Nothing I’d like to comment on or respond to, but I was definitely disappointed with the way everything went down.”

On a recent meeting with the Monday Night Football crew:

“You know what? There was more than one different, there were a bunch of different topics that could’ve been talked about in that room, other than football. I was interested in what would be first and what would be talked about and what wouldn’t. Immediately, Mike [Tirico] talked about how he did all his research for the meeting and that he was prepared. And then he also made a funny comment about Jaws and I’s relationship, which Jaws rebutted to and we all had a good laugh and away we went.”

On whether they discussed going back to the tape on Jaws’ comments about his fundamentals:

“We all had a good laugh about it and I don’t think much needed to be said, other than the laughs that we had and we’ve moved on. Thankfully there were other topics that could be talked about and we got to the real good stuff, football.”

On how he feels about being on the covers of magazines and receiving more hype:

“That stuff doesn’t really mean a whole lot to myself or this team. If your team’s playing well, a lot of individuals will have a lot of different accolades and awards that they’ll be mentioned for or possibly receive. If our team does well, then a lot of that stuff will figure itself out. If we don’t, then none of that stuff will be in the mix. The most important thing is winning the division first.”

On whether the hype surprises him:

“It always surprises me, to be honest with you. I have my own expectations and goals for each season, which I’m not going to talk about. I can read your mind. … But it’s always nice to be mentioned in the same sentence with some of the best quarterbacks in the league. It was fun to work out with Drew [Brees] this summer and be around him after he won the Super Bowl and being able to get to talk to Peyton [Manning] a little last week. Anytime I’m mentioned in the same sentence as those guys, it’s a big honor.”


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