Robert Griffin III: “Whoever drafts me I am proud to be a part of that team and can’t wait to get to work for them.”

Robert Griffin III: “Whoever drafts me I am proud to be a part of that team and can’t wait to get to work for them.”
January 12, 2012 – 8:20 am by Steven Cuce
Robert Griffin III has finally made the decision that was widely speculated by everyone in the NFL world. The 2011 Hesiman Trophy winner has elected to forgo his senior season at Baylor and enter the 2012 NFL Draft.
In his final game at Baylor, Griffin went 24-for-33, with 295 yards and one touchdown leading the Bears to a 67-56 Alamo Bowl victory over the Washington Huskies. He also had 55 yards and one touchdown on the ground.
The move seems like a no-brainer to enter the 2012 NFL draft, but RG3 discusses how emotional it was to tell his teammates he wouldn’t be returning next season and how excited he is for the future.

Robert Griffin III joined ESPN Dallas with Galloway and Company to discuss the reaction he has gotten from Baylor University since deciding to enter the 2012 NFL Draft, his decision to leave Baylor being very difficult on him, the amazing ride he had at Baylor University this past season, reconsidering his decision to go to the NFL and the NFL team he secretly hopes will draft him.
How has your decision gone over at Baylor? Have people been supportive?
“Yeah, I think people have been supportive. A lot of people told me as fans of Baylor University they would love to have me come back and stay another year, but as my personal fans they think it’s time for me to go. I don’t think there’s any hard feelings. Baylor University has been great to me. I tried all I could to help further the program here at Baylor University and it’s time. It’s time for me to go and they realize that, although they would love to have me stay.”
Was this decision easy for you?
“No it’s really not. I talked to the team early today before the press conference because I wanted to tell them before I told anyone else and I was fine talking to them, but afterwards after they all started hugging me and loving on me I broke down because it’s not very often you get to experience the college lifestyle, the college locker room, the college football team and build good relationships like I have with those guys. It’s tough to tell them it’s not bye. It’s see you later, but no longer will I be your quarterback, so that was tough. That was the biggest reason I couldn’t come to a decision right away and I took my time because you never want to see anybody get hurt. At the end of the day I was the one who was hurt because I put so much into them.”
Well did you envision this day back in September? This has been an amazing ride?
“Yeah I mean it has been an amazing ride. Like I’ve said many times before it’s unbelievably believable because you work for things like this and you work to win 10 games and you work to win the Heisman Trophy and to go out and put your team in the best position every week, but when it actually happens there’s no other feeling like it. To have all these great things happen and to have today be the official announcement of me going professional. You don’t see that in September, but that is why you work. That’s why you live life because it’s unpredictable and you live for the moment.”
It may be too early to ask this: Will you reconsider your decision?
“I tried to make sure I took my time with this decision, so I wouldn’t have those types of thoughts. You don’t want to regret anything you do in life, so I made sure I took my time and did my due diligence and investigated everything I possibly could, so that I wouldn’t have any regrets or reconsidering coming back. At the end of the day the decision is made and I’ll have to live with it and I’m gonna live with it.”
As far as an NFL team I know that is out of your hands, but is there a secret team that you would hope would draft you? I would like to think it’s the Dallas Cowboys?
“No I can’t say that [laughs]. Like I said whoever is paying the bills that’s who your favorite team is, those are your favorite colors and you are ready to be a part of that family, so whoever drafts me I am proud to be a part of that team and associated with those players and can’t wait to get to work for them.”
Listen to Robert Griffin III on 103.3 ESPN Dallas here
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