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Robert Griffin III Says He Has an Ability to Inspire Teams and Motivate a Fan Base
February 28, 2012 – 7:15 am by Chris Fedor
When it comes to Robert Griffin III, there is not much that he hasn’t accomplished to this point. The former Baylor quarterback capped off a tremendous college career by winning the Heisman Trophy and leading the Bears to the most wins in school history. RG3 helped turnaround a program that was an afterthought in the Big 12, and as he prepares for the next chapter in his football career, he will be asked to do similar things. Even though he performed great at the combine, Griffin won’t be the first overall pick in this year’s draft. That honor will belong to former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck in all likelihood However, RG3’s stock is on the rise and will more than likely be selected by one pick behind Luck by a QB-needy team that moves up to nab the potential franchise quarterback.
There is not much to not like about Griffin and he has everything that teams look for in a potential franchise QB.  On top of an incredibly unique physical skill set for the position that includes world class speed and a knack for making big plays, Griffin brings maturity, charisma, leadership, work ethic, an ability to win the press conference, and exudes a confidence that is contagious. Guys like RG3 don’t come into the NFL very often and any team that is looking for a franchise changer would be wise to make the necessary move for the reigning Heisman Trophy winner.
Robert Griffin III joined WFAN in New York with Joe and Evan to talk about his combine experience, why he chose not to throw at the combine, whether he has a specific team that he would like to go to, on the expectations that will be placed on him in the NFL, and what he brings to a team.
On his combine experience:
“I thought it was awesome to go out there and compete with the guys. Michael Vick didn’t run his 40 at the combine so you know I have the fastest 40 by a quarterback in combine history and that’s always something to be proud of. Go out there and the vertical is 39 and I watched the rest of those guys compete throwing the football. I was proud of myself and proud of a lot of guys that I worked out with that competed hard as well.”
Why he decided not to throw at the combine:
“Some have asked whether Andrew’s decision not to throw affected mine and it didn’t. If he would’ve decided to throw the football then guess what? Robert Griffin III is still not going to go out there and throw the football. I think it suits our team in the best way as far as the guys that are coming out of Baylor and to have those pro scouts there and to give them a chance to further their careers in the NFL as well.”
Whether he has a specific team that he would like to be drafted by:
“No I don’t. This is a huge time of uncertainty and what you want is a team that wants you. The way they will show you that is by drafting you on draft day. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to having that team that drafted me because they fell in love with me and I will give them my best.”
If he will be able to come in and play right away as a rookie:
“I’m excited about that. Coming into a team and trying to get to know the guys on the team, the veterans, really just gel with everybody, and add that next piece that they need to push them over the top. I’m excited about that, I will be ready for it, coaches are doing a much better job nowadays of adjusting to their quarterbacks strengths and trying to work him into the system rather than just throwing him into the system and saying make it work.”
What he brings to a franchise:
“There’s a lot of things. Everybody is going to say hard work and leadership but I think ability to inspire teams and motivate a fan base is what helped me at Baylor University. My teammates believed every time we stepped on the field we would win the game. On offense or on defense, no matter what on defense they’re not going to score and if they do our offense is going to make up for it. On offense we knew we could score every time we got on the field. I’m just excited about bringing that aspect to a team along with my hard work and leadership.”
Listen to Robert Griffin III on WFAN in New York here
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and so it begins…referring to himself in the 3rd person already. this was one of the most off-putting traits of that cam guy last year. confidence is good but his self-aggrandizing reveals a narcissism we have yet to see luck even hint at.
By jon wiils on Mar 1, 2012

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