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James Laurinaitis was the most productive linebacker in college football for the past three years.  He covers the run and pass equally well and can rush the passer.  He wasn’t what you would call a workout warrior (no pun intended since his father was professional wrestler Animal of the Road Warriors) and probably will be drafted in the second round.  There are plenty of great college linebackers (Sam Mills, Zach Thomas, Lofa Tatupu, even Ray Lewis) that fell in the draft because of their measurables.  It’s a shame because every time I watched James Laurinaitis play over the past three years he was making plays and some NFL team will be lucky to have him.James Laurinaitis is probably more well known for who his father is than for his play of the football field.  His father is one half of the greatest tag team in wrestling history, the Road Warriors.  His father Joe, better known as Road Warrior Animal was shown on television during every one of his son’s games.  James and Joe joined XX Sports Radio in San Diego to talk about the upcoming draft.

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On what team would he love to see his son play for, and his take on draft experts (Joe Laurinaitis):

“Well, James being a Minnesota kid, of course the Minnesota Vikings. He loves the Vikings, know what I mean? Best case scenario, you can be home and whatever. The only thing I hope guys, and I heard your little segment with Kiper and McShay arguing there, I don’t know how they do it, or how you guys listen to it. We don’t watch any TV for actually that purpose and that reason. It’s just crazy. I’m a man of credibility. When kids come into the wrestling business, they ask me what I think because I have credibility. A guy that’s a writer for soap operas is not gonna tell me how to wrestle. So when guys give opinions that haven’t really donned the cleats or something like that, I just take it for what it is.”

On what teams are giving him the most attention (James Laurinaitis):

“It’s a funny process because everyone I talk to always says the team that’s gonna pick you is the team that’s never even worked you out or interviewed you and blah, blah, blah. And then some people are like, well some teams that didn’t interview you, James, are extremely interested. So I think the teams that have worked me out have been St. Louis, Kansas City seems interested, they flew me in for a visit, Denver, Coach Nolan worked me out, the defensive coordinator there, Atlanta came up and Miami came up, and we’ve heard interest from Baltimore and Indianapolis. Personally, I know Coach LeBeau is extremely interested. Every time I see him, because he’s an Ohio State guy, he tends to tell me that he’s praying I slip to 32 to him. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that.”

Laurinaitis on the possibility of wrestling alongside his dad and the full interview after the jump.

On the possibility of ever wrestling alongside his dad (James Laurinatis):

“I’ve talked to him about it before, about the whole father-son tag team thing. The way I look at it, I’m hoping I stay in the NFL for, god willing, eight to ten years. He’s in the high 40′s now, I don’t know, if he can stay in shape for another 10 years we could do it. He’s over here shaking his head at me now because he knows he can still take me down. I’m just waiting until he has to use a cane and then I’ll take him out.”

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