Richard Sherman on his Incident with Trent Williams, Trash Talk and the Condition of the Field in Washington


Richard Sherman is one of the NFL’s most talented cornerbacks, and yet he also has one of the league’s biggest mouths. After beating the Washington Redskins Sunday to stay alive in the playoffs, Sherman got into a tiff with Redskins’ left tackle Trent Williams. Yet Sherman vs. Williams wasn’t the only controversy in Landover Sunday. Did you see the wear and tear on that field? And then there was the injury to Robert Griffin III. Video: Sherman gets slapped by Williams Richard Sherman joined Petros and Money on Fox Sports Radio to discuss his post-game incident with Trent Williams Sunday, Robert Griffin III’s injury, the condition of the field in Washington, trash talk prior to that game and his drug suspension which was overturned on appeal.

On his dust-up with Trent Williams after the game:

“I wasn’t looking for anything then. I was just trying to find RG3 to say great game and he showed some great heart, and he came up to me with that conflict. So that’s what it was. I wasn’t looking for anybody.”

On when he knew there was something wrong with Robert Griffin III:

“We knew it when he hurt it the first time. He’s been hurt for three, four weeks, whatever it’s been. So we’ve known since he got hurt.”

On the condition of the field at FedEx Field:

“It was awful. … There was no real traction in it. On top of [that], there were giant divots. On the field, when you cut and stuff, there are gonna be divots in the grass, but usually the grass is matted down so that the divots aren’t big and they don’t keep coming up. But they were friggin’ potholes out there.”

On the Redskins talking trash before the game:

“Yeah, they did a lot of talking before the game. So I guess that was them trying to back up what you’re talking about. But it’s a lot easier to talk about what you see on film than to deal with what you see in front of you.”

On winning his appeal of a drug suspension earlier this year:

“It’s absolutely done. It won’t be brought back up again or anything crazy like that again. … Mistakes were made in the whole process, which kind of led to the positive test. Otherwise, if there was a regular process, there would have been no positive test. … But thank goodness there’s an appeal process.”

On if he feels that incident kept him from making the Pro Bowl:

“I really don’t think so, to tell you the truth. I might rub players the wrong way, and coaches the wrong way, with my play, although it’s all on the field. … But they’re gonna vote for who they’re going to vote for, regardless of performance or who really is the best. So I was a victim of one of those things.”

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