Richard Sherman Gives Tom Brady An Earful After Sunday’s Game


Richard Sherman Gives Tom Brady An Earful After Sunday’s Game
October 16, 2012 – 8:00 am by Eric Schmoldt
Richard Sherman is no stranger to trash talk on the football field, and the Seattle Seahawks quarterback delivered plenty of it on Sunday against New England. Sherman jawed with Patrtiots quarterback Tom Brady throughout the game, even when the Seahawks trailed by double digits, and he believes he baited Brady into throwing an interception his way.
Then, when the Seahawks made their eye-opening comeback, Sherman gave Brady another earful, though he’s not about to divulge exactly what he said.

Richard Sherman joined KJR in Seattle with Ian Furness to discuss the trash talk with Tom Brady, baiting Brady into throwing an interception, how much trash talk is a part of his game, the team not giving up on Sunday, Russell Wilson’s play, the upcoming game with San Francisco and Pete Carroll’s influence on the Seahawks.
What was said back and forth during the game between you and Tom Brady?:
“It was during one of the TV timeouts. They were up 23-10. They were walking over and Earl walks up on him and he’s like, ‘Man, you got lucky. I should have three from you today. I dropped two of them. I should have three.’ He’s like, ‘Man, what are you talking about, man? Look at the scoreboard. See me after the game. See me after the game and we’ll talk.’ So we were like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna see you after the game.’ And that’s what we did.”
Do you feel like you baited him into throwing the ball your way, which later resulted in an interception?:
“Of course. I did the same thing to Cam Newton last week. Right when we came out after halftime, he jogged across the field, and I said, ‘Throw at me if you’re not scared.’ He threw at me the next play on that fade to Steve Smith. If I would’ve got my feet in the ground better, I would’ve picked that, but I just batted it away.”
How much a part of the game is that type of talk for you?:
“I guess it’s a small part. It’s not the biggest part of the game. All through the game, I’m just playing disciplined football. … But when I get my chance …”
It was a tough middle stretch of that game. At what point did you really feel like you guys had a chance to win?:
“I never thought we didn’t have a chance. There was never a point where I was worried. I knew our offense would find a way to get more points on the board and all we had to do was limit them — keep them from scoring touchdowns, limit them to field goals. They’re a great offense; they’re going to move the ball a little bit. Once they got in the red zone, we had to ball up and that’s what we did.”
What did you say to Brady after the game?:
“A little of this, little of that. … We’re going to leave that out there. We’re going to leave that for him and me.”
What did Russell Wilson show you on Sunday?:
“I think he validated what the front office already knew. He validated the reason he’s the starting quarterback. I think a lot of people had doubts and questioned him from week to week. But I think he quieted them all down. He’s probably the only rookie quarterback who can go out there and beat Tony Romo, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in the same season and still get questioned.”
On the next game against San Francisco:
“This game is huge. They’re a tremendous opponent; they present a lot of different challenges for our defense. … It’s one of the biggest challenges of our year.”
Is there a hatred between these two division rivals?:
“I don’t think so; I wouldn’t call it a hatred. It’s football. We want to win. … I think people make it more of a rivalry than we do. We just go out there and play ball.”
Does a win like the one on Sunday show people that this team has something special going on?:
“I think it definitely says something about the personality and the character of this ball club. The coaches and the players, both, because everybody always stayed so confident. Everybody stayed on it, stayed at it. Nobody gave up. … I think that’s the thing I’m most proud of.”
How much of that positive attitude stems from Pete Carroll?:
“I think it has a lot to do with that. We believe it’s going to work. We go out there every week and we believe we’re going to win. … They’ve instilled a discipline and a faith in us and the system and our teammates.”
Listen to Richard Sherman on KJR in Seattle here
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