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Reggie Wayne Talks Andrew Luck: “He’s Not Your Normal Rookie Quarterback”


Reggie Wayne Talks Andrew Luck: “He’s Not Your Normal Rookie Quarterback”
October 19, 2012 – 6:45 am by Brad Gagnon
Reggie Wayne is adjusting. For the first time in his career, his team has no expectations. The veteran has already reached the highest peak an NFL player can reach, but now he’s sticking around late in his career to help build a new dominant franchise in the city of Indianapolis.
With Andrew Luck at quarterback, they might not be far off.

Reggie Wayne joined Query and Schultz on WNDE in Indianapolis to discuss Indianapolis’ tough game with the Jets last week, rookie sensation Andrew Luck and why he doesn’t think Hard Knocks would work for the Colts.
On if they suffered a letdown against the Jets because they were coming down from such a big victory the week prior:
“It was just one of those days. One of those days … not to take anything away from New York, they did a great job, came in with a great game plan, it worked for them. But it was just Colts beating Colts. We had too many mental mistakes, and that’s normally the ingredient for a disaster. And we just didn’t play good. We gotta just put it behind us and get ready for our next game against Cleveland.”
On Andrew Luck not being a normal rookie quarterback:
“He’s not your normal rookie quarterback. I’ve heard people say it before, I think our offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians, has said that. He’s not your normal rookie quarterback. He does a great job of just taking everything in, not being pressured, not being forced to do something that he’s not in control of. He can do it. Hopefully we can keep him a little cleaner, and we will. That’s something that we’ve really focused on the last couple days. And he’ll take it in. … He’s able to run a little bit so he can kind of get out of some troubles.”
On the Jets being more desperate and executing better than them in Week 6:
“We want to win every game we possibly can win, but this seems like it was more of a must-win for the Jets. We felt like if we go in there and jump on them early, kind of get the crowd working against them, they were going to kind of take a little bit. But they came out with a great game plan, they continued to do it over and over again, forced us to make plays and we didn’t do that, and we didn’t do enough of it.”
If he could decide whether the Colts should be featured on Hard Knocks next year:
“I would probably say nay. Too young. I think Hard Knocks is for a team that’s a veteran team and knows how those cameras follow them, know what to do. Us being so young, we’re not ready for that. We’d need to get some Ws before we can do a Hard Knocks.”
On Hard Knocks in general:
“I’m not a big fan of Hard Knocks, just on the strength of — instead of really focusing on training camp, coming together, being a team —  your focus is one, how you look, what you’re saying on camera. Is the camera following me? Can I do this? Can I do that? So your focus is not where it should be. But if the big guy comes and says Hard Knocks is going to be there, then Hard Knocks is going to be there. He’s the one who signs the checks, so I’ve gotta abide by the rules.”
Listen to Reggie Wayne on WDNE here
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