Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Golf

Golf is one of the oldest pastimes, which is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. One of the most endearing qualities about golf is that it is a sport that can be played by people of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. Spending a day on the links, socializing with others who enjoy the game as much as you do can be a wonderful experience. The game has so much to offer, and if you are not already taking part in this sport, here are three reasons to start playing golf.

1. Enjoy the Great Outdoors: Golf is a sport that is played outside, on courses that are usually impeccably maintained. Many golf courses feature unique layouts, and have been created in a manner that accentuates their stunning beauty. A good number of newer golf courses have been designed to incorporate the natural surroundings where they are located. From lush greenways to breathtaking ocean views, and even desert paradises, walking a course can transport your body and your mind to a mini-vacation. The fresh air and outdoor activity provide a sense of calm, and energy as well.

2. One of the Best Workouts: Finding an activity that you enjoy taking part in is one of the best ways to get more physical exercise. Since you will look forward to the activity, you are more apt to stick with it. Golf can provide one of the best total body workouts around. The most benefit can be gained by leaving the golf cart at the club house and walking the entire green. When you have finished the eighteen holes, you will love the way you feel. Best of all, you will have had such a good time that you will not even be aware of the fact that you just got a great workout.

3. Golf Builds Character: Believe it or not, golf is a great character builder. The game is challenging and offers you the opportunity to continually strive to better your score for each hole and for the entire course. If you play with others, you may set friendly stakes to challenge yourself even further. On top of these benefits, golf provides you with a chance to be reflective during the process of play. It is a slower paced sport that teaches the players to benefit from not getting frustrated and to think through their steps. These techniques promote coping skills that can easily be utilized in all aspects of life.

Kalidou Koulibaly

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