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Ramon Sessions on Adjusting to Life with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers


The Lakers’ newest acquisition has a lot of weight on his shoulders. Ramon Sessions, who was dealt from the Cavaliers to the Lakers at the deadline, is now expected to step in and take Los Angeles to another level — one they simply weren’t able to reach with Derek Fisher running the point earlier this season. Ramon Sessions joined Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley on ESPN 710 in Los Angeles to talk about his first opportunity to start for a contender, the pressure that comes with running the point in LA, getting used to working with Kobe Bryant, the reaction to him getting traded and how he thinks he’ll fit in with the Lakers down the stretch.

On finally getting the opportunity to start on a good team:

“It’s definitely a dream come true to be put in a situation like you said. To be able to be a starter on a great team like the Lakers. … To be on a team like that with those guys is gonna be a great experience.”

On the pressure involved and what it means that his presence might boost the Lakers’ championship hopes:

“It means a lot. I don’t really call it pressure because it’s just going out there and playing basketball. It’s something I’ve been doing for a while, and just getting the opportunity to play for a championship-caliber team, I’m just gonna make the most of it and take advantage of the opportunity.”

On how tough it is to jell with Kobe Bryant, considering that they’re both playmakers:

“It’s gonna be something that we gotta adjust to. In this season practice time is real limited so we have to learn on the go. I definitely think it’s something we’ll both get used to out there on the floor and just know when it’s time for whoever to do what they do.”

On the reception from fans and those in his life since he became a Laker:

“Words can’t explain what’s been going on with that. It’s been totally different, just from the first time I checked in the game till now. Fans are coming up, it’s just a lot of love. Just glad to be there.”

On going from backup point guard in Cleveland to potential starter in Los Angeles:

“It’s definitely a big change being from Cleveland to being part of the Lakers. Everybody’s a Lakers fan around the world and it’s one of those things you’ve gotta adjust to…”

On the calls he made when he found out he was traded to LA:

“I couldn’t even make calls because everybody was calling me saying, ‘Congratulations, you walked into a situation that’s almost unreal.’ And I’m starting to see that now that (I’ve been here) for a few days. It’s crazy, I’m definitely enjoying it and going to take advantage of it.”

On how he plans to work the ball around with Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol:

“Those three guys, their numbers speak for themselves. I just gotta get those guys the ball in that sweet spot, which is not hard to do because those guys already know the game real well. And just make sure that they’re taken care of and just do what I do after that.”

On how he’ll help the Los Angeles offense:

“From Mike Brown all through the players in the locker room, they say just play my game, be aggressive and do what I do. Try to create a lot of easy shots for the guys. … Just bring a change of pace, a change of speed to that second unit or to the first unit.”

On his on-court relationship with Kobe Bryant:

“The more times we get out there together, the more comfortable we’ll get and the more we’ll be able to feed off one another.”

On what he has to do to take his game to the next level:

“Just be a leader out there, and on the defensive end just playing defense and just running offense. It’s real simple having those guys out there. Just play my game and make sure they’re happy. Everything else will come.”

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