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Rachel Uchitel, Surprisingly Likable. Tiger Woods, Uh, Not So Much.

Rachel Uchitel will always be known as one of Tiger Woods’ former mistresses. No matter what she does from here on out, she will always be linked with the biggest sex scandal in sports history. However, as you can hear in the interview, she is doing everything she can to try and move on in her life and there is much more to Rachel Uchitel than just being one of Tiger’s former mistresses. Now that she is on Celebrity Rehab, she is coming across as a likable. And after listening to this interview, it seems like she has a hold on things in her life as well. She already had to find a way to move on from tragedy once after her fiancée was killed in the September 11th attacks and now she is trying to do it again. For the last year her life has been in the spotlight and her name has been slammed in the press. While she will never be able to escape from the Tiger Woods scandal, it appears that she is doing everything she can to at least move forward and make it a thing of her past. Rachel Uchitel joined WFAN in New York with Boomer and Carton to talk about the perception of her now that she is on Celebrity Rehab, whether or not she regrets her relationship with Tiger Woods, why she decided to put herself back in the spotlight, what the most damaging thing said about her was, and why she declined to do Playboy.

On her coming off as likable on the TV show:

“No I hear that from people everyday. I have people that come up to me in coffee shops that say that. It’s nice to hear that.”

On whether or not she regrets the relationship with Tiger:

“I don’t wanna talk about that. Regardless of what people think I’ve never actually spoken on the subject. I don’t choose to and I don’t want to be involved in any of that.”

On whether or not Tiger’s people paid her to not talk about the subject:

“That also I don’t choose to do discuss. Again, so you’re aware I’ve read a ton of things about me. Things that I have apparently said or sources have said, all of that stuff unless you hear it out of my mouth, is not from me or a source. I don’t choose to be involved in that situation.”

On putting herself back in the spotlight:

“I totally understand it and listen for the last year, I’ve also understood after the caricature that the media has made of me, I understand why people judge me the way that they do and why they think what they think about me, but you have it wrong. The media doesn’t know me. I chose to do the show after thinking about this long and hard and after coming out of being in recluse for six months because it was my only opportunity to feel like I could actually evolve and go through something in front of people so they could get a chance to understand who I was. Listen I’m a big proponent of therapy off camera. This is not something that I wanted to do on camera, but the opportunity to do it on camera allowed me to show the world who I was and have the world hear things from my mouth. If the viewers choose to dislike me based on what they watch then that’s fair game. But it’s not fair game for people to make these harsh judgments upon me from what others are writing.”

On her having to understand that she will always be associated with that scandal:

“When your name is associated with that type of infamy or scandal, there are people that would just disappear and continue to live there lives, but for me you have to understand the things that were being written about me and continue sometimes to be written about me are so wrong and manipulated.”

On what was the most damaging thing said about her:

“That’s the whole thing. There wasn’t just one. Almost everything I read I wanted to turn around and scream and yell and be like what are you guys talking about? How dare you? Unfortunately I was thrust into a spotlight and I chose to take the opportunity to clear my name so to speak just in a way of letting people see who I was. I got a lot of criticism for doing the show because I wasn’t a known heroine addict, meth addict, or alcoholic which I totally understand. That’s another reason why I chose not to do the show at the beginning. I even said very openly, ‘guys I’m not an addict, I’m not an actress, and I’m definitely not a celebrity. You guys have this all backwards.’ I really came to realize that there was a label for what it was that I have. I have been going through some things that I was very down in the dumps, I was having a very difficult time, and I deserve to be there as much as they did. I found that I am much more aware of addiction. It doesn’t matter what your addiction is. It can be anything from heroine, to work, to relationships, an addiction problem is altering your state of reality because whatever you’re dealing with inside is unbearable that you have to create a false reality for yourself.”

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