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R.A. Dickey Joked with David Wright About Costing him a No-Hitter

At the age of 37 years old R.A. Dickey is having a season for the ages. The Mets right hander became the first 10-game winner in the majors, setting a career best with 12 strikeouts in a win over the Rays this week. He nearly threw the Mets second no-hitter in two weeks, but was robbed in the first inning on a debatable error made by David Wright on a B.J. Upton chopper. Beyond the no-hit bid, Dickey has truly been the Mets ace this season. The knuckleballer has been the stopper on this Mets rotation time and time again and deserves to start the All Star game if he keeps this up.

R.A. Dickey joined WFAN in New York with Boomer and Carton to discuss not being mad at David Wright for his fielding error in the 1st inning of his 1-hitter, the reason why his knuckleball has been so dominant this season, Terry Collins appealing the ruling on the David Wright’s error, reaching out to the New York Mets for a new contract this season and the possibility of starting the All-Star game.

Are you mad at David Wright at all for not making the play on the B.J. Upton hit? Any level of disappointment that you missed the perfect game or no-hitter?

“No. No. I mean I joked around with him at the end of the game and told him he costed me a perfect game twice in one game and he had some kind of remark  back, but we always josh around with each other. That was a tough play all around. He tried to bare hand that ball down the line and B.J. Upton is pretty quick. It’s okay. It’s completely okay.”

Is there any way for you to explain how good you have been over the last five games with the knuckleball?

“Well I would like to think I have an idea of how I am doing it. I think allows the consistency that comes with it. If it was just one game or two games I don’t know with a knuckleball if you could explain it. There are a couple of things I think I am able to do with the pitch that I haven’t been able to do in the past. It’s paying off.”

How does it make you feel that Terry Collins is appealing the ruling on the David Wright error?

“Well you know what I think it is probably a Hail Mary. The thing about it is the asterisk of the no-hitter will get more attention than the actual no-hitter if they did overturn it.”

The Mets do have an option on you. You are the MLB’s first 10-game winner. Is there a point where you and your representative will seek out the Mets for a new contract or will you play the year out?

“Well it’s always nice be wanted and appreciated and be in a place that believes in what you can do and what you can contribute. I certainly am hopeful to work something out with the Mets long term. I do have a sense of loyalty to them and a certain regard because they did give me an opportunity to re-establish my career, so if they are interested in talking my representatives and I will be certainly open to that in the longer term than just the option. As of right now it’s the last thing on my mind.”

Have you thought about RA Dickey starting the All-Star game? In your wildest dreams did you ever think you would be in this situation?

“Well in my wildest dreams probably. When I was running at home in the 0ff-season or I’m trying to visualize having great games you always hope you can be the best at something and just because I am knuckleballer and I am 37 doesn’t mean I don’t desire to be the best pitcher in the big leagues. If I have a shot at doing that it would certainly be an honor.”

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