Quietly, The Baltimore Ravens Are The Second Hottest Team In Football

Quietly, the Baltimore Ravens are the Second Hottest Team in Football

The Baltimore Ravens clearly aren’t flying under the radar when it comes to Vegas odds. Baltimore is a three-point favorite on the road in Kansas City this weekend in the NFL playoffs.But are they flying low when it comes to everybody else? The Ravens have been overshadowed a bit because they didn’t win the AFC North, the New England Patriots have been dominating on the field and Rex Ryan is pretty much loud enough for the rest of the AFC.
However, as the playoffs get started, the Ravens are the hottest of any team that’s going to be playing this weekend. They’ve won eight of their last 10 games and, given the fact that they’ve been in the postseason a few years in a row now, have the experience to make a run.Ray Rice joined WFAN in New York with Boomer and Carton to discuss going on the road in the first round, flying under the radar despite being on fire right now, the confidence that comes with playoff experience, the feisty AFC playoff race and the AFC being a tougher conference than the NFC.

On going on the road to play the Chiefs:

“It really doesn’t matter who you play from here on out. Everybody’s familiar with each other. It’s just going to be the team that wants it more. I think, being that we have the playoff experience, we can take that to Kansas City and use it to our advantage.”

On flying under the radar, despite winning eight of their last 10 games, because they’re a wildcard team:

“That’s great. I kind of like flying under the radar because people know what kind of game they’re going to be in when they play us. It’s going to be one of them games where you know you’re not just going to wipe the floor with us. We’re going to be in for a four-quarter game or a game where we’re light’s out and hitting on all cylinders.”

On how experience breeds confidence:

“One thing that was said about the Baltimore Ravens is that we’re a good team but we didn’t have the talent to take it to the Super Bowl. You add guys like Anquan Boldin and T.J. [Houshmandzadeh] and Donte Stallworth to our offense, with our defense and what they’re doing. We have the talent and the experience. It’s a confidence-builder.”

On the AFC playoff race:

“The AFC, I’ve been saying all year, the AFC has been pretty interesting. This is the best year of football the AFC has had, I think. We’re all playing well right now.”

On the AFC being more physical than the NFC:

“It’s a very physical conference, a very physical division. I think the AFC  North is the most physical division in football. Nothing against the NFC, but you know what you’re getting, especially in the AFC North.”

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