Philosophy in Golf

Philosophy in Golf. Golf is a sport that can be played by anyone, both children and the elderly.
This sport looks easy to play but in its application, it is very difficult.
It took years for this game to be done correctly. Costs incurred are also not small.
Playing golf requires persistence and very high consistency.

Before going to the field, the players must practice on the driving range.
Their players buy hundreds of balls and then learn and practice with them.

In the beginning, the result of the blow would be very bad.
Novice players have not been able to create their own swing or swing, so practice must continue.

The process of forming this swing is quite heavy and tiring.
Persistence and determination are needed in it.
This is because the costs incurred to practice and play golf are very expensive.
If it is not strong enough to follow the process, then the player will likely stop playing and practice golf. As a result, a swing is formed and the punch is good with the swing but it does not stop there.

The process afterward is the most tiring process, requires high discipline, and is boring to do.
I am one of those who failed this process. The process is to maintain consistency in playing.
A ready swing must be sharpened.

A good punch is never eternal. If not trained, the blow will end badly.
There is one thing that no one can teach it. This is called feeling.
The feeling can only be created with regular practice.
This exercise is done by hitting hundreds of balls with an existing swing.

The results of each stroke must be consistent.
For example, if a player succeeds in hitting with a number 7 iron rod with a distance of 130 meters, then the punch must always reach the 130-meter point.
Or if the player is able to hit straight, then the punch must always be straight.

Before this process is done, the player must ensure that his swing is perfect.
If not, then the player must first correct his mistakes and then undergo this exercise.
For me, training to create and treat feelings is the most difficult process I have ever done.

Players who are confident then go to the field.
In the game of golf, there are 18 holes or holes that must be completed. Each hole has different obstacles and levels of difficulty.

There are several terms in golf when completing a hole. Each hole has its own par.
Par is a standard punch in one hole. For example, if a hole has par 4, the standard field for completing that hole is 4 strokes.

If a golfer can finish it in 3 strokes, the result is better.
If you finish in 5 hits, the result is worse. Other terms to understand are birdie (-1 par), eagle (-2 par), bogey (+1 par), double bogey (+2 par), triple bogey (+3 par), double par (x2 par), and double eagle / albatross (-1 eagle).

Each field has iconic and challenging holes.
If a golfer controls a certain field, he does not necessarily master the field in another place.
Golfers must be able to adapt to the field that he plays. In the field he plays, every hole he plays is different from the other holes.

If a golfer plays poorly on hole 3, then on the next hole a golfer may not bring that bad.
Golfers must be able to manage and control their mental wellness.
This requires experience and practice, especially during matches.
The real opponent of a golfer is himself and the field he faces.

A golfer must be disciplined and consistent. They play not for a specific purpose.
They play because they like to play it. Pleasure is not when breaking the rules given but when with those rules he can play well.

A golfer’s victory is his own victory. It is not a matter of who is greater.
This is a matter of how a golfer can maintain discipline and consistency in playing.
The most important thing is when a golfer can manage and control his mental well.
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