Philip Rivers Says This Year’s Camp Was “As Competitive As We’ve Had”


Philip Rivers Says This Year’s Camp Was “As Competitive As We’ve Had”
September 5, 2012 – 8:00 am by Brad Gagnon
The San Diego Chargers are already facing quite the challenge in the AFC West. The division appears to be catching up to them as everyone else loads up. On top of that, the Bolts had a rough preseason that was marred by turnovers.
Philip Rivers doesn’t appear to be overly concerned.

Philip Rivers joined Darren Smith on XX Sports Radio in San Diego to discuss the team’s rocky preseason and the left tackle situation with left tackle Jared Gaither hurt.
On his brother, Stephen, who is LSU’s backup quarterback:
“The weekends for our whole family are pretty exciting, Saturday and Sundays back to back. I talk a ton and he’s a huge fan and pulls for us every Sunday and it’s a lot of fun. … I’ve always been a college football fan and always pull for N.C. State, but now with him there at LSU, that’s the first thing I check.”
On there being more to the summer than the preseason:
“All that everybody can see is the four preseason games and I don’t know what the starters played, maybe a total of four quarters maybe. There’s way more to a preseason than just that. We put together a month of great work, both walk-throughs and practices and practicing against Dallas those two days. And so there’s a lot more that we gained through the preseason than just what we got out of the preseason games.”
On what they built in camp:
“It was a super-competitive camp. I just think it was day-to-day, play-to-play, as competitive as we’ve had. And I just think we’re gonna be better for it in the long run. That doesn’t mean that everything’s going to look perfect on Monday night or everything’s gonna be perfect the first six weeks of the season or what. But I think for the long run we’ve built a foundation now that we have to continue to grow over the next 16 weeks and then see where we stand.”
On if he feels he has to go out of his way to encourage Mike Harris, the rookie who’s filling in at left tackle for Jared Gaither:
“You’d like to think that everybody’s gotten here because they believe they can play and they obviously can play, and now you just gotta go do it. I gotta make sure I take care of myself. I gotta go out there and throw completions and not turn the football over and give ourselves a chance to win. The least of my worries is gonna be left tackle or any other position that’s lined up there on our side of the ball.”
Listen to Philip Rivers on XX Sports Radio here
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