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The Seattle Seahawks are the biggest story in the NFL this week after naming rookie quarterback Russell Wilson as the team’s starting quarterback. Wilson will be one of five rookies to start at quarterback this year, but let’s not forget Seattle’s new quarterback was not a first-round pick either. The idea that a third-round pick out of Wisconsin would beat out a high priced free agent in Matt Flynn seemed to be impossible a few months ago. Why would the Seahawks guarantee $10 million to Flynn as part of a three-year deal to not even start him in the opener? Pete Carroll has that answer covered for us in the following interview. Pete Carroll joined 710 ESPN in Seattle with Brock and Salk to discuss why he’s okay with giving up so much money to Matt Flynn to play backup quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Are you okay with paying Matt Flynn so much money in the offseason and now he’s the backup quarterback behind Russell Wilson?

“That’s the price of free agency. That’s the market. The market was drive there and we had to pay that price to get the player to come to our program and I said to you too that that doesn’t matter to me. I don’t want that to matter to me. We understand there is a thought about that, but as a coach I’m doing this for the competitive reasons in the fact that come out and if a guy gets paid more and he’s playing backup he better be a pretty good backup. He better play well and better perform well, so I don’t think any fan out there would want me to make a decision based on how much a guy is getting paid. You want the best guy at that time to play for us and that’s exactly how I see it. We are going to keep standing up for that. I’m not trying to make any statements. That’s just the facts.

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